Banned in Wikiland


Over at the always terrific Daily Telegraph group blog (Dan Hannan, James Delingpole, Toby Harnden!), technology writer Katie Lee notes that the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee has banned all IP addresses associated with the "Church" of Scientology. This is, of course, a symbolic ruling, as the followers of Xenu will likely just use IP-masking software to circumvent the ban:

They've been told off countless times, and now Wikipedia has finally popped its foot down and banned those at Church of Scientology HQ from adding or editing entries.

The Register reports that all IP addresses owned or operated by the Church and its associates have been blocked from contributing to the site (unless they apply for special dispensation).

Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee voted 10 to 0 (and one voter abstained) to place an immediate ban on the Church. The ban is an attempt to prevent the self-serving edits that Wikipedia alleges the Church uses to push its own agenda.

And if you haven't already (what are you, a Scientologist?), read Katherine Mangu-Ward on Jimmy Wales sprawling vision.