Reason Morning Links


'¢ Dueling Bush v. Gore superlawyers Ted Olsen and David Boies team up to mount a federal challenge to California's ban on gay marriage.

'¢ So far, states hit hardest by the recession are getting very little of the federal stimulus money.

Obama orders comprehensive review of government secrecy policies.

'¢ Nation's new "cyber security czar" will be given "broad mandate" to regulate both public and private networks.

'¢ Why shutting down Craigslist's "Erotic Services" section could make prostitution more dangerous, and make it more difficult for police to solve cases where prostitutes have been harmed.

Virginia's DMV bans smiling. Having spent way too much time there, I can tell you that by the time you're finally ready for your license photo, there's usually very little reason to smile, anyway.