Nick Gillespie on Ed Morrissey's Webcast Show at 3.30PM ET

|'s Nick Gillespie will be phoning it in (literally, not figuratively) to Ed Morrissey's webcast show at 3.30PM ET today.

Go here to watch. And if that doesn't work, go here.

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  1. And, if that doesn’t work, go here.

  2. Shut the fuck up, LoneWacko.

  3. This video is on autoplay and plays sound on the home page of the blog.

  4. This video is on autoplay and plays sound on the home page of the blog.

    I thought i’d accidentally clicked it or something. Lame, reason. Are you trying to get me fired?

  5. The Robert Hilburn Interview: Lonewacko Jr.

    Lonewacko and Lonewacko Jr. recently visited El Paso as part of their Blogging Across America tour. I interviewed the junior member of the team in a cheap motel at an undisclosed location a day’s drive from their home base in Los Angeles. Lonewacko Jr. entered the room dressed in a white sweatshirt, and we began the interview…

    Robert Hilburn: There was much expectation and ensuing speculation regarding your recent visit to El Paso. Que pasa?

    Lonewacko Jr.: When Lonewacko first told me we were going to El Paso, I was quite, er, excited. In fact, I haven’t been this excited since we visited northern Maine. Of course, I’d rather visit Brazil, or Quebec, or Bangkok, but El Paso definitely sounded interesting…

    RH: So, did you, you know?

    LWJ: No, not even close.

    RH: Oh.

    LWJ: Yes, same thing I said. [laughs]

    RH: Did you get close?

    LWJ: No, not really. Lonewacko kept eyeballing the young lady at the Kinko’s, but he never even talked to her. He chatted a bit with a lady who seemed to be some kind of regional gas station manager, but nothing came of that either. He chatted with a lady in a gas station in Ocotillo, but nothing came of that either…

    RH: So, did Lonewacko try to meet Tejanas in some venue other than gas stations?

    LWJ: Oh boy did he try. It’s just that there aren’t really places. He took me to the Barnes & Noble one night, but it was mostly teenies. He only thought of the UTEP library the day before we left, and we never went there. It’s not like there’s an infrastructure, you know?

    RH: So what did you and Lonewacko do? Just watch telenovelas with the sound off?

    LWJ: [laughs] Yep, that’s about what it came to.

    RH: Thank you for your time, Lonewacko Jr.

    — Robert Hilburn is the L.A. Times’ Pop Music and Blog Critic.

  6. Mr. Wacko has repeatedly told you fools that he won’t respond to childish ad homs, so please stop wasting his valuable time.

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