Now Playing at Michael C. Moynihan Talks Obama on the Glenn Beck Show


Reason senior editor Michael C. Moynihan sits down with Judge Andrew Napolitano (subbing for Glenn Beck) on the Fox News Channel to discuss the latest in bailout mania, the ever-expanding size of government, and the future of American health care.

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  1. All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.

  2. I see that Angel Robinson’s face book page lists her first two favorite celebrities as Malcolm X and Murray Rothbard. I like the cut of her jib!

  3. I’d like to submit the suggestion that Moynihan’s nickname be “Smirky Smurf” or “Master Smirk”.

    And Malkin? WTF?

  4. I was gonna say, Moynihan looks almost exactly like a smirking version of a dude i knew in college.

  5. “Smirky Smurf”

    Anyone know if he takes colloidal silver?

  6. i loved the look on his face when they cut from malkin to him. only thing he didn’t do was roll his eyes.

  7. malkin is unlistenable! i’d never listened to her speak for more than 10 seconds at a time.

    and what happened to napalitano? he used to be a bit sedate; i guess he’s looking at the fox news crown as they slip into full-on populist mode.

  8. “malkin is unlistenable! i’d never listened to her speak for more than 10 seconds at a time.”

    But she sure is cute.

  9. They could have picked a better representative from Campaign for Liberty. I think Michael and The Judge are the only intellectual ones on here.

  10. What on Earth is the background behind Michelle Malkin? Is that supposed to be a cityscape? I see a giant parking garage and some dilapidated buildings. I’d say its like shes live from East Berlin but I dont think they ever had much need for parking garages.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I do believe that MM is sporting what my dear mother called a “shit eating grin.”

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  14. You sir, do not need a viking helmet. At least we know you own more than black t-shirts.

    You need domination lessons from the guy in the Fonzi jacket.

  15. I’m all for liberties and think the government is enroaching on them. But the government isn’t enroaching on liberty if they take away your property and put you in relocation camps as long as it’s in the name of national security.

  16. The Governments (Local, County, State and Fed) are America’s gravest threat….

    Stop paying TAXES.

  17. as a libertarian three out of four people on that show should be lined up against a wall and shot – the campaign for liberty women being the only exception Micheal Moynihan is a horrible person who deserves to be tortured…

  18. The lady from Campaign for Liberty did look a bit nervous, perhaps it was her first interview.

    Overall, I’d say this was a good segment. The Judge is awesome.

  19. Malkin is the same pundit that said Ron Paul has no business being on stage as a Republican and that hes a kook and that he should tell people who come up to him to bug off. Shes said the Paul doesn’t deserve to run because he appears on Alex Jones. I think she needs to quit her job while shes ahead.

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