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Michael Kinsley eviscerates the new Newsweek.

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  1. It’s not easy to be provocative if you’re looking over your shoulder for the partisanship police.

    Sure it is! Just take a libertarian stance. You’ll piss off both partisan groups in D.C. equally. This is Newsweek after all, which used to have a Milton Friedman as a columnist. No way in hell they’ll ever be a libertarian mag, but I can definitely imagine them being provocative with some libertarian arguers.

  2. The nu-nus Week?

  3. a source-greaser (flattering profile of a figure who may prove useful)

    That’s a handy term.

  4. a source-greaser (flattering profile of a figure who may prove useful)

    I first heard it on Kausfiles. You can pretty much assume that any favorable reporting from inside-the-Beltway is distorted by source-greasing.

  5. Newsweak has always been one of the worst publications out there. Awful writing, ridiculously biased even for the MSM, and bad story selection.

    I will cheer once that rag disappears.

  6. “It’s not easy to be provocative if you’re looking over your shoulder for the partisanship police.”

    Funny, I thought the job of reporters are to report the news, not be provocative. At least the people at Time and Newsweek are admitting that they are opinion magazines, not newsmagazines anymore. They have been for years, of course. They are just being more open now. From Kinsey’s article, it looks like they can’t even do that well. There never was a objective media. The number of people who are claiming there was is slowly dwindling, just like the readership of Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ect.

  7. Newsweek is “US Magazine” for news geeks (if you’ve never been assaulted with “US”, it makes People look like it should be perused over caviar and Dom). If there’s nothing proper around to read I’ll flip through it (Newsweek that is), but I sure don’t expect to learn much.

    Speaking of US Mag, Newsweek should’ve gone ahead and added “Politicians: They’re Just Like Us!” Embrace your trashiness Newsweek!

  8. ChicagoActuary,
    You’re dead on. I haven’t read US Mag, but I have seen People Mag, so that’s the comparison I have had in my head.

    Btw, do you like to bring fake bombs on airplanes?
    Do you know the difference between you and a sperm?
    Did you put in your will that you must be buried in Israel?
    What does your wife do when she has insomnia?

    Just curious

  9. You can polish a turd, but it’s still a turd.

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