Reason Writers Around Town: Jacob Sullum on Britain's Surveillance State


Senior Editor Jacob Sullum reviews The Road to Big Brother: One Man's Struggle Against the Surveillance Society, by British journalist Ross Clark, in The Wall Street Journal:

An excessively nosy government poses many dangers, as Mr. Clark emphasizes, including exposure to fraud and blackmail, unjustified interference with freedom of travel, and mistaken incrimination. But it is reassuring to realize that the government is not competent enough to be omniscient.

Read the whole review here.

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  1. You won’t be laughing anymore when CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN kicks in, and Britain can just upload SCORPION STARE into all of those cameras. And how are we supposed to combat the effects of the Rune of al-Azif without ubiquitous surveillance, hmm?

  2. It could be MAGINOT BLUE STARS.

    Moral of the story: Always carry a hand of glory.

  3. I thought the moral was to marry a woman who carries a weapons-grade violin everywhere she goes.

  4. I don’t know, RC. Are you married? The hand of glory is probably safer.

  5. The hand of glory is handier too (no pun, sorta). Makes those late night stumble-ins trouble free.

    I’m classifying this thread as as GAME ANDES REDSHIFT. Everyone report for duty.

  6. Are you married? The hand of glory is probably safer.

    Double entendre of the fucking year.

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