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Gov. Arnold: San Quentin, I'll Sell Every Inch of You![*]


We take it all back! California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ain't all bad! He just proposed selling San Quentin, the L.A. Coliseum, and a bunch of other junk that costs Golden State taxpayers big bucks:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to sell the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, San Quentin State Prison, the Orange County Fairgrounds and other state property to raise cash amid the state's growing fiscal crisis, according to a copy of a proposal reviewed by The Times.

Sale of the properties, to be included in the governor's revised budget plan on Thursday, would raise between $600 million and $1 billion, although it would not provide relief to state coffers for two to five years, according to the proposal.

More here.

Don't forget to sell the Malibu beach house singled out for abuse in's latest video, "Hasta La Vista, Arnold!: What California's Budget Mess Means for America."

[*]: Tortured headline allusion confesses here.

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  1. They’ll get one billion from the sale of San Quentin, and in turn, spend 2 billion building new prisons to house San Quentin’s former residents.

    Of course, Arnold will need to establish a Bureau of Selling State Property, too.

  2. The best part is that the state, sometime in the future, can simply confiscate all these properties back through eminent domain.

  3. [*]: Tortured headline allusion confesses here.
    C’mon, saavy reasonoids got it right off the bat.

    From memory
    San Quentin may you rot and burn in Hell
    May your wall fall and may I live to tell
    May all the world forget you ever stood
    And may all the world regret you did no good

  4. So, when one of the bailed out banks buys San Quentin, does it come with the prisoners too, or will Ahnuld have to build a new facility to house them?

  5. Governments across the land, both large and small, should take an inventory of their stuff and sell off all the money losers and frivelous bells and whistles.

  6. “sell off all the money losers and frivelous bells and whistles.”

    Then who would be left to govern the people?

  7. “So, when one of the bailed out banks buys San Quentin, does it come with the prisoners too, or will Ahnuld have to build a new facility to house them?”

    The existing prisoners will be kicked out and new debtors will take their place.

  8. How about state parks too? Sell them an get rid of the zoning. Let’s see what happens.

  9. Talk about grandstanding…

    “Save me, before I sell my children into sexual slavery!”

    The only reason he doesn’t have Yosemite at the top of the list is because it’s a national park.

    Maybe he can sell the Governor’s Mansion to Motel 6.

  10. I was unaware that the Orange COUNTY Fairgrounds were State property. Is that true for all County Fairgrounds in my state?

    You’d think that, if anyone would benefit from sales of County Fairgrounds, it would the COUNTIES themselves, especially as the State keeps starving them for revenues that they should be getting to provide local government services. What’s up with that?

  11. I’d like to see someone detail where all the money from the California budget actually goes.

    I’m sure it’s not all going to BS like skate park supervisors and crossing guards.

    Maybe some statistics on the pensions, pay, and benefits of state workers would be good too.

    Really break it down. How many state employees are there? What exactly do they do all day?

    Put the whole budget under a microscope.

  12. Hazel M.,

    That would be an interesting experiment. The government doesn’t follow the same accounting practices that would be considered the norm. Not that there isn’t a wide variation on practices but it’s usually spelled out in the books for auditors.

  13. Will he take a check?

  14. A search of the following blog would provide much of the information you wish regarding the California budget. read it and weep.

    Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

    H.F. Wolff

  15. Simply recognize that California is a—SANCTUARY STATE—and by removing millions of illegal immigrants and their families will assist on balancing the budget. So vote—NO–on all propositions as you are supporting parasite businesses that hire illegal cheap labor. Taxpayers are unknowingly paying billions of dollars in State benefits to underwrite education, health care, housing and other benefits. Demand a permanent E-Verify workplace extraction tool now. Learn more at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH.

  16. Show of hands, please: who’s in favor of selling California’s legislators into slavery to help make up the budget shortfall?

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