Reason Writers on the Intertubes: Nick Gillespie on Glenn Reynolds' PJTV Show, Today at 2pm ET RIGHT NOW, ON DEMAND!


osReason's Nick Gillespie will appear on Glenn Instapundit Reynolds' talk show on Pajamas Media TV today at 2pm ET. Among the topics: the growth of, Tea Party reactions big and small, and the response so far to Barack Obama's presidency.

Go here to watch.

Er, never mind, wasn't a live broadcast. When it goes live, you will be informed.

And here 'tis. Click below to watch. Approximately 25 minutes.

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  1. Here’s a reaction to the Obama presidency for ya:

    His decision today to continue to try to fight the release of detainee abuse photos in the possession of the Pentagon proves that he is a stupid worthless lying scumbag, who is no better than his despicable predecessor.

  2. Here’s my first response.

    Let me flesh that out a bit. Both of them are simply paper tigers who pretend to oppose BHO and the Dems but, in varying degrees, don’t really want to oppose him and just can’t engage their brains to figure out how to oppose him effectively.

    For a mini-example of Reynolds’ stupidity, see this, where he did good by suggesting that people sign up for a BHO appearance. The stupidity comes in with this: “If you get a chance, you might ask him about those ballooning deficits.”

    That’s a drunk-in-a-bar, SteveDooley-style suggestion. If someone took his advice, it would help BHO by simply allowing him to launch into a stock speech as he’s done time and time again.

    What Insty should have done is suggested that people ask BHO questions that are going to make him look bad, rather than helping him.

    Obviously, someone who promotes sending teabags and holding up wacky signs on street corners just like ACORN is not at the intellectual level to actually engage BHO in such a way as to make him look bad.

  3. ShutTheFuckUpLoneWacko.

  4. 9/11 Troofer: “If I can just get people to ask the right questions about 9/11…”

    LoneWacko: “If I can just get the people to ask the right questions of Obama…”

  5. I don’t get it. What do I click to tune in?

  6. LoneWacko entered the construction site. He hated going to these places; they were always full of IllegalImmigrants, spitting out their debased language at a machine-gun rate. However, he needed important information and this was the only way to get it.

    He approached the foreman, who was, thankfully, white. He asked “excuse me, my good man, but I’m looking for information on a ‘Rachel DeScrimination’. I was told that she may have done some work for you.”

    The foreman looked at LoneWacko’s sweaty, pockmarked face briefly and then responded. “She doesn’t work here any more, eh?”

    LoneWacko gasped and nearly stumbled…the foreman was Canadian, not white, or even human. He had badly miscalculated.

  7. epi – well done

    posted at 4:20, eh? no wonder you didn’t get it right the first time.

  8. Jesus, Nick Gillespie looks pathetic.

  9. Fluffy,

    You sound more like some Jesus freek fundy everyday. Nuance and subtelty aren’t your long suits, are they, you fucking moron

  10. I fondly remember the days I used to impersonate Harry Caray on Saturday Night Live.

  11. I wonder how individual liberty and government-sanctioned torture fit together? Glenn?

  12. That’s weird. Whenever I Google “Humorless Dicks” I get re-directed here.

  13. Hey mantooth, if you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

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