Your Stimulus Dollars at Work: Weatherizing Houses in Michigan


You may be surprised when the insulation truck pulls up to your neighbor's house and starts stuffing his attic. Or when his high-tech new windows arrive.

You'll be even more shocked to learn you're paying the bill. Most of the Obama stimulus money coming to Michigan counties is in the form of weatherization and neighborhood stabilization funds— $248 million to plug drafty houses and $134 million to pretty up foreclosed homes.

Michigan expects 40,000 homes to get attic insulation, weatherstripping and window and roof repairs at a cost of up to $6,500. The lucky recipients will save about $400 annually on their heating bills.

As the taxpayer picking up the tab, you might have a few questions. I know I do.

That's Nolan Finley in the Detroit News. Read the whole thing here. It might be even more effective if, right after they install the new windows, they have a crew of otherwise-unemployed folks saunter by and break the windows, thus creating jobs for glaziers

What did the old shampoo instructions say? Wash, rinse, repeat.

Hat Tip: Libertarian Democrat Terry Michael.