Hey Teachers, Leave Them Kids Alone! And Get to Class On Time Already or You Won't Get Your Pudding.


In the Turnabout is Fair Play department, students at Britain's Manchester Metropolitan University have been accused of "snooping" on faculty by reporting late start times of classes via text messages.

A spokesman for the University and College Union told the publication [The Times Higher]: "The relationship between lecturer and student is key to higher education, and schemes that encourage either to spy on the other, however well intentioned, undermine that bond."

Education, along with health care, are total laggards in the service-industry revolution that is fundamentally altering traditional power relationships by giving more say to the customer/consumer (that health care and education are chiefly funded by the public sector or private third-party payers is no coincidence). With attitudes like the one expressed above, good luck joining the 20th century, pal, let alone the 21st, or whatever we're in now.

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