Corporate Twittering Whoo! SEC Disclaimer: This Whoo Tweet Is the Opinion of the Twitterer and Does Not Reflect the Official Position of Acme Inc.



From today's Wall Street Journal, the art of including corporate disclaimers in 140 characters:

[eBay] launched a corporate blog in April 2008. Two months later, blogger Richard Brewer-Hay began "tweeting"—posting updates on Twitter—about Silicon Valley technology conferences, eBay's quarterly earnings calls and other topics….

The growing Twitter audience also attracted the attention of eBay's lawyers, who last month required Mr. Brewer-Hay to include regulatory disclaimers with certain posts. 

For an official corporate twit, Richard Brewer-Hay is pretty low key and personal. Sample tweet:

This ends the eBay Ink Twitter coverage of eBay Inc. First Quarter earnings 2009. Please drink responsibly. 🙂

Thanks to eBay's lawyers' fear of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), here's what he is posting now before liveblogging/tweeting:

Tweet 1: "Important information about the nature of this session. Forward-looking statements and non-GAAP financial measures. Click here:"
Tweet 2: "This session will contain non-GAAP financial measures."
Tweet 3: "The presentation of this financial information is not intended to be considered in isolation or as a substitute for GAAP financial measures."
Tweet 4: "A reconciliation of these measures to the nearest comparable GAAP measures can be found by clicking on the following link:"

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Via Bob Ewing.