Just Go Blago


Failed-before-he-could-dream reality star, Rod Blagojevich, was interviewed on NBC's Today Show…today. Best/most-quoted line: "I guess the judge did save me from eating bugs." Follow the pictorial link below for the video. The interview begins at the 2:30 mark:

Watching Blagojevich turn meek and desperate; listening to the disgraced guvna stumbling over his words, trying to explain that he needs money to support his family; being rejected by Jerry Springer!–it's all too much. The Blagojevich boondoggle has stopped being entertaining. 

Blagojevich's sad, pathetic display of self-preservation is almost genuine enough to garner sympathy. Yeah, even in light of the proposed $80,000 per episode appearance and the comparision between running a state to scarfing down bugs on a reality show, which Blagojevich quickly calls "an idea that was presented to me…not an idea I had."

At Blagojevich's hearing, the Honorable James Zagel said, "I don't think the defendent fully understand the position he finds himself in."  Take Blagojevich at his word that he does understand his position: hopeless. It's now time focus on much more important issues.

Columnist Steve Chapman explained why Blagojevich won't go quietly. My own cheeky Blago posts here and here.