It seems insensitive – a cheap shot, really – to berate a single parent who 1) has oodles of children (2) is on welfare and (3) has serious mental issues to deal with. So, suffice it to say that someone in California has submitted paperwork to trademark the word "Octomom."

Like the owners of the phrase "Let's roll," said person wants to protect the name from those who have no business using it for their own financial benefit. Unlike the "Let's Roll" owners who eventually allowed the phrase to be hawked by Wal-Mart and Florida State University, however, said person has very explicit plans "to put the Octomom name on television shows, clothing and diapers."   

This development follows in the grand tradition of Pepsi attempting to trademark Uh-huh!; Donald Trump's claim that "You're Fired" is his IP; Paris Hilton's copyright fight for "That's Hot"; and meat magnate Mr. Ham attempting to trademark "High School Girls."

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