Al Franken Is a Big Fat Jerk…And The Next Senator from Minnesota (or Wherever)


As funnyman Al Franken comes one more court decision closer to being named senator from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, can somebody please put a pillow over Norm Coleman already?

Or can we just use this drawn-out annoying waste of public resources to learn the lesson that we really can get by with just one useless sack of goo in the Senate from each state? Everybody else is downsizing, why not the World's Fattest Most Undistinguished Craptacular Greatest Deliberative Body (as Voted On By Its Members)? I suspect that Mike Crapo and Blanche Lincoln would move out without a fight (and yes, you have no idea of who they are, and for good reason).

Hope and change, people, hope and change.

Bonus vid: Al Franken impersonates Mick Jagger and belts out the Stones classic anthem of spousal abuse, Under My Thumb.

Update: I want to amend my statement above that Minnesota can get by with just one senator. In fact, they can probably get by with none. Does anyone outside of her immediate family and the Federal Witness Protection Program know who the hell Amy Klobuchar is?