Recession 101


The recession is affecting everybody, even those in the beloved Gem State. One Idaho teacher, however, has found a creative way to cut costs—sponsorship:

Molto Caldo Pizzeria, about a mile from [Pocatello High School], agreed to supply paper for [Jacob] Harrison's five classes—10,000 sheets, valued at $315, and imprinted with a pizza ad. That should be enough paper for the rest of this school year and all of the next one.

The school is expecting a $10 million dollar shortfall and there's a spending freeze on teacher training, field trips and basic supplies. Harrison's idea hasn't raised many objections from school officials or students, although it "crosses a line" for a Harvard psychologist 2,000 miles away. Said expert sez children and educators "suffer" when teachers become pitchmen. Though it certainly seems preferable to schools going belly up.

This isn't the first case of teachers selling out their students in the name of education:

Earlier this school year in San Diego, Rancho Bernardo High School math instructor Tom Farber allowed students' parents and local businesses to pay $10 to print messages on quizzes, $20 for space on tests and $30 for final exams.

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