Media Jane Hall of Fox News & American University on War, Journalism, and New Media


In conjunction with The Interactive Media Studies Program at Miami University of Ohio, reason's Nick Gillespie co-taught a class last fall called "Poltics, Culture, and New Media."

The course explored the theory and practice of new media, especially as it relates to cultural and political journalistic outlets. In alternating weeks, the course took place in classroom spaces on the Miami University campus and Reason's D.C. offices, where Gillespie, a Ph.D. in literature and a 20-year veteran of journalism, led web-based videoconferences with journalists, authors, and policy analysts.

On December 3, Gillespie hosted a videoconference with American University communications professor Jane Hall, a regular on Fox News Channel's "News Watch" and a veteran of The Los Angeles Times and other publications. A frequent commentator on radio and television, Hall has appeared on The Charlie Rose Show, CNN, NPR, C-SPAN, and many other places. Her 2005 research on media self-censorship during the first Gulf War was lauded by the Columbia Journalism Review as "an important new study."

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  1. I’m sorry, I know this is a serious subject, but “Poltics, Culture, and New Media” brings to mind this scene from Annie Hall:

    Wait a minute, why can’t I give my opinion?
    It’s a free country!

    I mean, d- He can give you- Do you hafta
    give it so loud? I mean, aren’t you ashamed
    to pontificate like that? And-and the funny
    part of it is, M-Marshall McLuhan, you don’t
    know anything about Marshall McLuhan’s…work!

    Wait a minute! Really? Really? I happen to
    teach a class at Columbia called “TV Media
    and Culture”! So I think that my insights
    into Mr. McLuhan-well, have a great deal of

    Oh, do yuh?


    Well, that’s funny, because I happen to
    have Mr. McLuhan right here. So … so,
    here, just let me-I mean, all right. Come
    over here … a second.


    (To McLuban)
    Tell him.

    (To the man in line)
    I hear-I heard what you were saying.
    You-you know nothing of my work. You
    mean my whole fallacy is wrong. How you
    ever got to teach a course in anything is
    totally amazing.

  2. Interesting Nick, but not particularly timely. What’s with all the coverage from late last year? A lot’s happened in the last 3-4 months and your current coverage seems strangely dated.

  3. What I saw of this was interesting, but the damned Flash video takes forever to load, even with a DSL. After stopping about 8 times in 10 minutes, I gave up. I wonder if it would be possible to do a simultaneous release in JPEG4.

  4. Good show. I kinda sympathize with Hall about the “one-way mirror” nature of these interviews. Maybe it’s not practical in this format, but it would be fun to have the students more engaged, not just sitting back and asking a few questions.

  5. Did you two make out?

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