Reason Morning Links: Obama OLC Nominee Faces Opposition, Fargo Floods, Post Office Tanks


• Republican senators mounting challenge to Dawn Johnsen, Obama's nominee to head up the White House Office of Legal Counsel. Their complaint? She opposes torture and broad views of presidential power.

• "My grandfather was not a monkey!"

• U.S. Postal Service running out of money, may cut delivery to five days per week.

• U.S. taking over leadership role in the war in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, new evidence that the Taliban's resurgence has been aided by Pakistani government intelligence.

• John Hope Franklin, RIP.

• New study in the American Journal of Public Health finds "no evidence that decriminalization of marijuana leads to increased drug use."

• Fargo braces for historic, icy flooding.

(Correction: "New" study on marijuana use not so newâ€"came out in 2004. My error.)