More Change in Obama's America: New Pronunciation for OB-GYN


While watching, listening, and largely ignoring President Obama's funtastic online streaming webcast Zager & Evans in the Year 2525 futuristic Town Hall meeting (note: in the future, towns will be replaced with populations of bald, big-headed humans with artificially enhanced IQs and matching jumpsuits), I heard our dear leader talk about how much he liked nurses and how, rest assured, they would be heavily consulted as he attempts to salvage our nation's ailing healthcare sector.

Then he went on to talk about the OB-GYNS who delivered his two daughters and how they really didn't spend anytime with him or his wife (it was the nurses who got their hands dirty, hence his admiration for them). But instead of saying oh-bee-gee-why-en, Obama repeatedly referred to oh-bee-guy-nees.

As a two-time parent mesself, I must admit I have never heard the term pronounced thus and neither has any of the men, women, or children I've polled in the past hour or two.

And you, gentle Hit & Run readers, have you ever heard OB-GYNs called this other thing? Or is this, like most of Obama's hemming and hawing when he speaks extemporaneously (like some sort of political Bob Newhart or the second coming of Dubya), just more proof that we're in the early phases of the Bush-Obama years and not at the threshold of some new glorious era in American history?

Update: I stand corrected and take it all back (except for the part about Obama representing a continuation of, not a break from, the worst policies of George W. Bush). From Ross Levatter, an actual M.D.:


Funny blog post.

As a physician, I can assure you that "O B Guy Knee" is an alternative pronunciation. "O B Gine (rhymes with wine)", "O B G Y N" [and] "O B Gin" are also heard.


PS: It now occurs to me I've never asked one if they had a preference…