Family Issues

Hitler's Family Struggle


People face tough decisions all the time. What's one of the best ways to address a particularly vexing problem? Delay. Avoid. Stall.

That's exactly what New Jersey Superior Court Judge Peter Buchsbaum is doing in an ongoing custody case involving three children. You might have heard about the kids, who are each named after infamous Nazi figures. Just so there's no confusion, this is the same family that experienced birthday cake discrimination back in December (Jacob Sullum wrote about it here).

Things stopped being funny when the three children—all under the age of 5—were taken by the state on January 9, after a neighbor accused their parents of abuse. Herrn and Frau Heath Campbell deny any wrongdoing. They say they're a target of public scorn.

The family is in a terrible position right now: separated and in legal purgatory. Division of Youth and Family Services officials have not said why the children were removed, and while Judge Buschsbaum failed to make a custody decision, he did hand down some good news: more visitations.

Now, instead of once-a-week family time, the Campbell's can get together three times a week. Total time the family gets to see one another? 270 minutes.

Something's not right here.

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