Friday, March 13: Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull on ABC! And Streaming Video at!


Tonight, John Stossel takes his shovel to "Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull" with segments about the crackdown on medical marijuana, universal preschool, traffic congestion, stimulus spending, border walls, and the myth of the struggling middle class—all inspired by Drew Carey's award-winning videos.

Featuring a special appearance by Drew Carey himself!

20/20 airs at 10pm ET on Fridays. Make sure to check your local listings to be sure.

And tune into at 8.30PM ET for a live pre-show discussion of the issues at hand. We'll be streaming live from our D.C. offices. For details on that, go here.

To watch the videos that inspired the special, go here.

For an archive of's Drew Carey Project videos, go here.

To learn about Drew Carey's involvement with, go here.

To learn more about Reason magazine, go here.

Click below to watch's interview with John Stossel (approximately 20 minutes; go here for embed code, links, downloadable versions).


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  1. Distribute news freely and widely.

  2. Nothing is self-regulating.

    “Free markets” periodically require outside intervention.

    Even if you ban usury, which might make markets more stable.

  3. Not gonna watch. It’s on opposite Battlestar Galactica. I’ll wait for you to post the video here.

  4. Galactica plays nationally at 10PM ET on ScifiHD. So in another timezone, you can take in Galactica on HD at 7 Pacific (or whatever) then watch 20/20 at 10. Or watch Galactica again.

  5. Hey look, it’s this post again.

  6. Well, what do you know
    Hey look, it’s this post again
    Re-runs for a blog

  7. Isn’t this reason event going to conflict with a global climate change protest?

  8. Post is run again
    Sometimes old comments are saved
    Sometimes only new

  9. I predict that BSG nukes the fridge tonight. Just a feeling.

  10. Galactica reruns at midnight, at least Pacific Time.

  11. Epi, I can’t see how they’ll wrap up all the loose threads, even with three hours left. They’ll either have to leave some major plot points unresolved, or else the last scene will be Adama bolting up in bed on Caprica, saying, “Thank the gods, it was all just a dream! …Or was it?”

    DUN DUN DUN fade out….

  12. That’s why I say they’re going to nuke the fridge. And they don’t have three hours, they have three episodes which is about 2.25 hours.

    Oh well, I’ll just make sure I’m wasted for all of it and I won’t care or understand.

  13. In tonight’s episode, Baltar grows a moustache and rails against Adama’s “infrastructure” spending.

  14. Let’s make predictions.

    1) Cavil is Starbuck’s father.
    2) Starbuck is really Zach Adama.
    3) Hera is a psychic space-zombie.
    4) Dr. Sam Beckett never returns home.

  15. Jason Lewis, filling in for Rush Limbaugh yesterday, had Stossel on the program. Lewis is way more libertarian than Rush, and it was nice to hear props for the cause in such a huge forum.

  16. 1) Daniel is Starbuck’s father.
    2) Starbuck is really Dirk Benedict.
    3) Hera is dead.
    4) Al gets fed up with Sam and has him boxed.

  17. “Free markets” periodically require outside intervention.

    That’s such a blanket statement of pure sophistry, I think I just accidentally swallowed my cock.
    Where did you learn that bit of “wisdom,” your fucking middle-aged burn-out sexually frustrated liberal overgrown-cunt-hair-combing eighth-grade civics teacher?

  18. They will evacuate Galactica, Anders will “become” the ship and this will counter Cavil’s plans somehow. Starbuck dies with him.

    And the last scene of the series will be her sitting up out of resurrection goo.

  19. I love Jamie so much. Become a Reason editor, dude.

  20. Wait, are these serious predictions? What the hell, NutraSweet?

  21. 5) SugarFree will miss the joke. Again.

  22. What will we do with him, Warty?

  23. Epi and Warty,

    No, srsly, those are my predictions. I’m fine with the joke. I just came to play.

  24. Let’s find a windmill, set it on fire, and then defenestrate him.

  25. No, let’s just pay a Zoroastrian named Vilma to shave his testicles. And maybe his back too.

  26. Let’s find a windmill, set it on fire, and then defenestrate him.

    Windmills have windows where you come from? That’s ghey.

  27. I hear you can turn your ass into a window, GoatSe.

  28. Warty,

    You’re a bit obsessed with the ass today. Did you eat too much cheese again?

    It’ll happen little buddy, but don’t force it.

    Do Not Click That Link

  29. Reads like pure awesomeness, if you ask me. “Shit, cops! Better put on my makeup!”

    Do Not Click That Link

    Too late.

    Search on teh Googles for pictures of the powerlifter who prolaped at the bottom of a squat. Make sure you have some vaseline and kleenex handy.

  30. Srsly, d00d. Go get your prostate milked and get past this anal fixation phase of yours. You’re making Epi hot.

  31. I’ve seen prolapses for realz on monkeys and had to sprinkle (salt or sugar, I can’t remember what the vet’s trick was) stuff on them to get them to shrink and go back in. Your link is powerless against me.

  32. Uh oh, Grandpa Episiarch’s on his “Back in my day, I had to salt monkey’s assholes to make a living” kick. Quick, run before he gets out the ribbon candy.

  33. I salted your rectum many times when you were a baby, NutraSweet. You really liked to stuff crazy shit up there. I mean, a Mr. Potato Head? Really?

  34. You’re younger than me. You actually couldn’t think of anything better to do with time travel than to fiddle around with my baby bits? Unimaginative Sicko is a heck of a business card.

  35. I am timeless, NutraSweet. I have been an unimaginative sicko for ages.

  36. Nothing is self-regulating.

    Umm, practically everything is self-regulating, Brett.

    Think about it. It’ll come to you.

  37. “Nothing is self-regulating.
    ‘Free markets’ periodically require outside intervention.
    Even if you ban usury, which might make markets more stable.”

    “Free markets” is a loose term that means free of collusion with government. It doesn’t mean no government regulation of it at all, particularly in relation to deterring and penalizing fraud, misrepresentation, and theft.

    “Lewis is way more libertarian than Rush,”…

    Like most economic conservatives, Rush is somewhat libertarian on economic issues, but he’s also a social conservative, meaning that he’s hard core Theopublican when it comes to such issues as porn, abortion, and equal rights under the law for non-heteros.

  38. Great info, every American needs to be exposed to you. How does M. Moore get his crap into our schools and not something worthwhile like this.

  39. Terrible night for Stossel’s special. BSG, Terminator, Dollhouse, and the beatdown of UCLA by USC. It took me until 2 am to get everything watched.

  40. Thank you John and Drew. Great show. Someone must have been asleep at the switch to allow this on national media.

  41. Finally, something worth watching.

  42. And it turns out, I didn’t get everything watched last night. I still have the E! special (possible back-door pilot) “Hot Girls in Scary Places” starring three of the USC Song Girls. Those of you who know of Scott Wolf’s “Inside USC” blog know why this was as important at Stossel.

    Still, great job John. It was amazing to see that stuff on network TV.

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