Drew Carey

Friday, March 13: Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull on ABC! And Streaming Video at Reason.com!


Tonight, John Stossel takes his shovel to "Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull" with segments about the crackdown on medical marijuana, universal preschool, traffic congestion, stimulus spending, border walls, and the myth of the struggling middle class—all inspired by Drew Carey's award-winning Reason.tv videos.

Featuring a special appearance by Drew Carey himself!

20/20 airs at 10pm ET on Fridays. Make sure to check your local listings to be sure.

And tune into Reason.com at 8.30PM ET for a live pre-show discussion of the issues at hand. We'll be streaming live from our D.C. offices. For details on that, go here.

To watch the videos that inspired the special, go here.

For an archive of Reason.tv's Drew Carey Project videos, go here.

To learn about Drew Carey's involvement with Reason.tv, go here.

To learn more about Reason magazine, go here.

Click below to watch Reason.tv's interview with John Stossel (approximately 20 minutes; go here for embed code, links, downloadable versions).