Salutes Joe Biden, Real Man of Genius



Here's to you, Mr. Plagiarizing, Gaffe-Prone, Hair-Plug-Wearing Vice President.

Approximately 1.30 minutes.

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For Reason on Joe Biden, go here.

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  1. Wow, this video serves who?

  2. Leave Biden alone!

  3. “God love you, what am I talking about” should be the Vice President’s official motto.

    Is there anyone who didn’t roll his eyes when he heard that Obama selected this loser to be his VP? It was so crazy that we went on a long bit about George Takei being the actual VP nominee at Urkobold.

  4. I admit that a small bit of snot popped out of my nose when I laughed at the last part. “Stand up,”… HAH!

  5. I fully endorse the effort to Quayle-ize Biden, particularly given that Obama made the mistake of making him stimulator-in-chief.

  6. I betcha he can’t name a Supreme Court case either!

  7. The last bit in the clip is so worth the price of admission. I’m howlin’……. LOL

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Biden as much as the next libertarian–unless the next libertarian happens to be Gillespie.

    Nick, why such a hard on for Biden?

  9. Funny stuff like this makes Kos kids cry.

    All they have ever known is making fun of Bush/Cheney, which is like pissing in the ocean.

    Now, they have to play defense. Their tiny fists are curled up in rage.

  10. This would be a good place for a quality joe spoofer, or better yet, real joe. How in the hell did Obama choose this guy unless he was forced too?

  11. Extra o on the end there.

  12. The thing that really sucks is that he’s still smarter than Sarah Palin.

  13. Who did the voice over? You need new talent. He sounded stiffer than Joe Biden looking at Michelle Obama.

    Delivery is critical.

  14. It was so crazy that we went on a long bit about George Takei being the actual VP nominee at Urkobold.

    Way off topic…

    Dude, what is your hard-on about going into space, ProL? It’s cold and dark and you have to drink your own piss.

  15. Biden can name plenty of Supreme Court cases. Now whether or not the cases exist is another matter.

  16. You don’t have to drink recycles piss, if you know how to farm ice asteroides.

    Also, technically, all water on earth is recycled piss by now, so what is the difference really?

  17. hey Obama says nobody messes with Biden!!!LOL The first of many jokes!!!!

  18. Nobody messes with LBJoe Bidet.

    Most people don’t spend a lot of time messing around with any other skunk, either.

  19. “Dude, what is your hard-on about going into space, ProL? It’s cold and dark and you have to drink your own piss.”

    Yeah, but every second takes you ten miles farther away from Washington.

    And in space, you can’t hear Howard Dean scream.

  20. I’ve seen a lot of spinals, Dude, and this guy is a fake. A fucking goldbricker.

  21. Who did the voiceover for that?

    Part of it sounded like Gillespie.

  22. Good idea – real shitty execution–try a more drab monotone voice and maybe some more boring ass references. hit it and quit it or it ain’t funny.

  23. “God love you, what am I talking about?”

    Well worth the price of admission.

    Obama lovers have been silent on Biden so far. It’s okay, Obama is the new FDR, and his VPs were only important when they became the Prez and nuked Japan!

  24. sage,

    Because I want a giant ranch on Mars. That’s not going to happen unless we invest trillions into developing cheap access to space.

    Incidentally, I believe that one can drink ones urine without going into space, unless you know something I don’t about the practice.

  25. LOL! This is the cream of the crop for the left.

  26. Well, we all got used to having a truly evil Vice President. its nice being back to the good old days of having a gaffe-prone idiot. I for one welcome the comedic relief!

  27. You guys are just taking up space I swear…
    This is a REAL joe..get it ?
    So if he makes a few goofs less than you and I we’re much better off than the epic fail that he replaces. God it’s all BS and lies knowadays isn’t it…

  28. Yeah yeah. Fair enough. But, to those of you who really do think Biden is an idiot (as opposed to having gaffes), I needn’t remind you of the last 8 years. (Actually, that’s really the only response you need or deserve.)

    Anyhow, I don’t mind a good jab. It’s only fair, but the guy isn’t nearly as dumb as some of your are portraying.

  29. I’ll take Mr. Gaff ANY DAY before Darth Vader, mister secret army, torture any old arab, haliburton scamming, oil loving piece of crap, Dick Cheney!

  30. At least Cheney knew which end of the shotgun had the trigger. Cheney isn’t evil, just evil to little children playing grown-up, er, I mean liberals.

  31. Your content for this blog post is a rip-off idea from a Bud Light radio ad.

    Who’s the plagiarist?

  32. I just put this up at my blog. My favorite line:

    “When you’re not creating the Drug Czar’s office, you’re talking crazy as all shit.”

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