Newspaper Bailout Watch, Job Retraining Edition


Wait, aren't you supposed to be out of work first?

Two Minnesota newspapers will receive a share of state grants normally given to retrain workers in manufacturing and other industries in transition.

Previous episodes can be seen here. How come no one offered to retrain me once the crucial skill of newspaper typesetting became mostly obselete, huh? Dude, where's MY bailout?

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  1. If we want journalists to enter a profession that offers the same financial rewards, shouldn’t we just send them down to McDonald’s?
    If they made it into management, they’d see a significant pay raise.

  2. Well, Matt, someone should have retrained you, definitely, for something. Perhaps you can get a job as a union goon and beat the crap out of Mickey Kaus. Solidarity forever!

  3. Alan,

    I notice you like to take shots at Matt Welch.

  4. Bad break-up, Matthew. And you don’t even want to ask about the custody battle over Nick.

  5. “I notice you like to take shots at Matt Welch.

    I too take shots at Matt Welch. I got sick of him blogging about his McCain tabloid slime-book for months on end.

  6. Matthew,

    Actually, I hadn’t noticed that I had been singling Matt out. Doesn’t Matt like to take a shot now and again? If you want to read people taking shots at me, read the online reviews of my novels–“god awful,” “a waste of time,” etc. I know, it hurts!

  7. Ah, journalism in Minnesota.
    Regular updates on Mary Tyler Moore-centric tourism. Who’s stalking Neil Gaiman? The Rocky & Bullwinkle statue has been defaced. Again.
    Top it off with an acerbic quote from Garrison Keiler, then it’s home for brats and Lowenbrau.

  8. “Garrison Keiler”

    If I could crap in his mouth, I would.

  9. He’d probably enjoy it.

  10. “Have you ever had a man who posts on the internet under the unassuming alias of a punctuation mark defecate in your mouth?

    Well here’s Guy’s All Star Shoe Band with a song about a man who did…”

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