Nanny State

Soda Tax Pops


Looks like New York Gov. David Paterson's proposal to tax non-diet soda in New York (hated by chefs and Reason alike) wasn't a serious tax plan after all. It was just some good old fashioned awareness raising. It's like a barn raising, but with fewer Amish, and more grandstanding:

"I don't think the legislature will pass it," Paterson told students at Morrisville State College…. "But often publicity is as important as legislation."

Paterson gave his first pessimistic view of the proposal's chances after a student challenged him on the "foolish tax on soda." Then Paterson said his point was to increase awareness for the high caloric content of foods consumed by children.

Better still, it was awareness raising for the children. Like the hapless kid pictured at right. She's sitting there in her pink pinafore thinking: "Oh god, I have such cherubic cheeks already. I hope this isn't full-sugar Coke. Wait, has Diet Coke even been invented yet? I'm so confused…"

Thanks, Gov. Consider our awareness raised.