McDonald's vs. Starbucks


Remember the 17 minutes during the campaign when the culture wars were manifesting in a Obama=Starbucks, McCain=Dunkin' Donuts dichotomy? Obama's campaign spending reports revealed more cash going to Starbucks, whereas the Straight Talk Express was runnin' on Dunkin'. Jaime Sneider at The Weekly Standard wrote:

If coffee is a heuristic for the presidential election, the McCain campaign is in good shape. While Starbucks is in the process of closing 600 locations, Dunkin' Donuts is opening dozens. Because Americans are pessimistic about the economy, they're more likely to spend only a buck or two on a cup of coffee than they are to splurge on the mocha chip frappuccino. There is also some dignity in being able to say small, medium, or large as opposed to tall, grande, or venti. Customer surveys also show that Dunkin' Donuts is out pacing Starbucks for the first time in years.

It's probably a safe assumption that the Dunkin' crowd and the McDonald's crowd are similar, so it is interesting to see some new stats from the Pew Research Center providing some corroboration for the theory: