The Reason.tv Talk Show, Episode 9, with Nick Gillespie and Michael C. Moynihan and guests Steve Clemons and David Frum


On January 21, the day after Barack Obama's inauguration, Reason.tv's Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie sat down with David Frum, the former Bush speechwriter, author of Comeback, and New Majority impresario and Steve Clemons, of the New America Foundation and The Washington Note to talk about the new president's speech, the tone of Washington, and much more.

The first of two parts. Approximately 16 minutes. Shot and edited by Dan Hayes.

Go here for an audio podcast.

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  1. How can Obama supporters simultaneously argue in favor of a higher savings rate and ask for more aggregate demand?

  2. Fuck Reason.tv, fuck Obama, and fuck aggregate demand.

  3. I watched, and whereas I applaud the intent and the effort, the result is…well, zzzzzzzzz.

    Could it be that the market for ideas is saturated, Nick?
    How can reason’s thousands compete with GE’s millions?
    Answer: you can’t. I think the best approach is working within, a la John Stossel.
    Hate to say it, but I think you’re pissing in the wind.

  4. Cosmos of a feather talk together.

  5. I wish the length of these episodes would inflate.

  6. Good Gawd, Jerry put it best, but Frum is utterly confused here. How can you rebuild capital when you are trying to destroy savings as Frum is encouraging with the ‘spend it now, or lose 6 percent a year’ crap. ‘Conservative Keynesians’, my ass. That tactic worked sooo well for Nixon. The genius of ‘Keynes was separating out macro from micro economics’ Frum? aie-ya-ya. No, Keynes convinced a lot of people lacking a solid foundation in economics that he refuted Say’s Law, but that was through smoke and mirrors where monetary policy is placed in a vacuum away from the materials for which it a mere means of exchange of thus said materials.
    When that is considered the whole General Theory mental exercise falls apart.

  7. Good of Gillespie to keep prodding Frum in a straight forward, calm manner. I don’t even wont to get into the mess Clemons makes through wrong headed assumptions or else the brandy I’m drinking will escalate from a stimulating indulgence to a full blown form of self medication.

  8. Frum: “we need to show people that hiding money in their matress is not safe”

    Translation: in the USA, the “freest” country in the world, you are not free to save money. If you try we will steal its value through inflation.

  9. Hah! I like the way Gillespie keeps calling Clemmons and Frum out for the dipshits they are.


  10. I loved the part when Gillespie tilted his head back a bit. I thought he was going to start breathing fire, hahaha.

    Where’s part two?

  11. Does everyone in DC really believe they can control everything? Conservative Keynes? WTF? Frum, while smart, is not wise. There’s a difference.

    These busy bodies need to seek balance before they micromanage us out of existence.

  12. I’m dazzled by Frum’s brilliant prescription for a revitalized economy. Just do what the Democrats do, only be careful with it. Spend boxcars of fiat money, but on the right people. What a trenchant intellect. Command economy… yeah, that’s it. Please let me know when Frum releases his draft of industrial policy. It will be magic, like the Presidential Unicorn himself.

  13. Conservative-Keynes is code word for “need creation.” Republicans have now bought into the Progressive agenda that their primary job is to inflate their importance while simultaneously funneling money and services to the well connected. Brilliant!

  14. Frum and the other guy have no idea what they are talking about. We will worry about inflation when it hits? Ya right. Everyone is looking for a painless way to get off drugs and there is no easy way out except cold turkey

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