Friday Fun Link (Matinee Edition)


This is clearly better than any of the original movies.

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  1. It kind of is……..the cylons and The Stuff just sealed the deal

  2. What are you trying to say, you IP commie?

  3. This is the funniest online video I’ve seen in years. I love how her goofy narration is done in the giant text like in the original movies.

  4. Patrick should marry that girl.


  5. My recent favorite: Vader Sessions, in which Darth Vader’s scenes are redubbed with James Earl Jones lines from other movies. Brilliant.

  6. Oh, posh. The first 2.667 movies (I mean the real first 2.667 movies) were quite entertaining. The last three are no longer canon. In fact, it turns out that Darth Vader wasn’t Luke’s dad. He was just lying. ‘Cause he’s evil!

  7. *scratchs head in befuddlement*

    You sure about that, Pro Lib? Clicky.

  8. Yes, I’m sure. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back were all kinds of good, and The Return of the Jedi was good except for the Ewoks. I’m a sucker for redemption stories, too, so I like ROTJ perhaps more than I should.

  9. Pro Lib,

    The “most powerful” jedi knight and Padme? Makes sense. Padme and some senate clerk? Unlikely. I prefer stories where redemption is impossible. The characters must simply move on and adapt.

  10. Anakin, most powerful? Despite the stilted dialogue otherwise, Yoda, Samuel L. Jackson, Kenobi, and probably others were obviously more powerful. Likely little Luke, too.

  11. Ok that was pretty funny.

  12. Pro Liberate,

    I find your lack of faith disturbing. LOL!

  13. This really shows how inept Lucas was in the prequels. The Emperor was also clearly inferior to Mace Windu and Yoda, and he admitted to being less powerful than Anakin, who was less powerful than those I set out above. Seems to me like the Jedi would’ve never lost to these losers.

  14. If I recall correctly, my cognomen never needed any “DeathStar” contraption. He had such a command of the force he could cause suns to go nova. Clearly, the emperor was a joke and Vader was a badass till the prequeals shed light on his wimpiness.

  15. Oh, yeah, your namesake was a badass of the highest order.

    As for Vader, I don’t recognize the last three movies, so he’s still a tough dude in my book. If it weren’t for Shattered Glass, I wouldn’t recognize his youthful portrayer’s existence, either.

  16. Indeed. Though I personally cannot acknowlegde Lucas’s blunders. Whole thing is ruined for me now.

  17. Can’t be that ruined for you, else you would not be Naga Sadow.

  18. The third movie is much better if you can visualize the Ewoks dying by the thousands. Though they would of been much better like this instead of like this. Nub nub motherfuckers.

  19. I remember standing in line to see the original Star Wars for the first time (circa spring 1978) when the guy before me in line turned around.

    “This,” he said, “is my seventeenth time seeing this move.”

    “This,” I said, “is my girlfriend.”

    Have a good weekend…

  20. I was 10 when Star Wars came out, so girls weren’t an issue. I saw it 10 times. I had a date for ROTJ, though, which I saw maybe twice at the theater. The second time without a distracting date ?

  21. God, she nailed it!

    .. Hobbit

  22. Not a big fan, but I saw the 1st (episode 4) and got it — like the old serials, but with more inside jokes — and thought it would be artistically stupid albeit lucrative to actually fill in the serial with episodes.

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