Now at Reason.tv: Hopes and Fears for Barack Obama's Presidency—Reason staffers sound off on government spending, regulation, foreign policy, the drug war, and more


As Barack Obama gets sworn in, Reason's Ron Bailey, Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Michael C. Moynihan, Anthony Randazzo, Damon W. Root, and Matt Welch explain their biggest hopes and worst fears for the next four years.

Approximately 4 minutes; shot and edited by Dan Hayes.

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  1. Make that KM-W babe a Senior Editor!

  2. I wonder if K-MW ever successfully rented out her condo for the inaugural?

  3. Whatever happened to Weigel? Did the job at Salon.com finally come through?

  4. Whatever happened to Weigel? Did the job at Salon.com finally come through?

    And what’s going to replace prog fridays? Teutonic Tuesdays?

  5. I don’t think Weigel had an answer for his fears of the Obama administration…

  6. Presidents don’t give back power gained by their predecessors, and this particular president and Congress appear to believe that they have the Mandate of Heaven. Which means that quibbling little details about ensuring that spending and revenues match and honoring the limits places on government will mean even less to them than to the previous administration and Congress.

  7. What’s Blagojevich doing up there?

  8. Fuck you Ron Bailey. I almost didn’t make it! Would you have supported your mother’s “right” to abort you? Asshole.

  9. No sideburns or leather jacket, no clickey!

  10. And no, if it don’t dangle below the ear lobe, a sideburn it aint.

  11. Me loves me some KMW right now. Watching her speak is like watching porn for the mind. She’s the only reason associate I consistently find myself agreeing with, or at very least respecting her interpretation of something I disagree with her about.

  12. Biggest hope: ending the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” that do nothing for our safety and security and do everything to erode our moral standing

    Biggest fear: everything else

  13. Cut it out with all the videos. It seems latley any arcticle I want to read ends up being a video. If I wanted to watch video, I’d turn on my TV.

  14. Fuck you Ron Bailey. I almost didn’t make it!

    Too bad.

  15. Obama has already changed what is considered an appropiate cost for an inauguaration. We have gone from a much critized 45 million dollar inauguaration under Bush (and deservedly so) to a non-critisized cost of over 150 million (during a much worse economy). How does he do it?

  16. I suppose Sylar doesn’t understand all the hubbub surrounding Youtube and Hulu, either.

    “When I want to watch video, I expect it to be edited to artificially fit a 22 or 44 minute time frame and periodically be interrupted by commercials for me to Tivo through. And it needs to be greenlit by some dopes in Burbank. Farking video on the internet. What the hell is the world coming to?”

  17. I’ll never understand why everyone in the skeptic movement is a libertarian. Or at least it feels like that sometimes…

    Oh noes, teh national health care! Never mind that countries all over the world have successful national health care on a scale much larger than what Obama promised.

    Oh noes, economic regulation! Sure was horrible when the New Deal pulled us out of the Great Depression, wasn’t it? And of course it’s not like our recent economic troubles were caused by unregulated market forces… Certainly, the invisible hand has been good to us recently!

    Whatever happened to evidence before belief?

  18. you call this an article?

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