Recently at Obama and the Winds of Change!


Obama promised to bring change to Washington, D.C. So how's he doing so far? Approximately 1.30 minutes.

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  1. I’m disappointed.

  2. To forewarn everyone: Yes, the Scorpions power ballad does indeed appear on the soundtrack.

    Approximately 1.30 minutes.

    That would make it one minute and 18 seconds, right? 😉

  3. Epic fail. The picture of Dawn Johnsen (soon-to-be Head of Legal Counsel at the DoJ, at 0:37) is actually a picture of Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame).

    Repeat: EPIC. FAIL.

  4. Bill, I think what has failed, epically, is your sense of humor.

  5. This video is even better if you have a list of Bush administration officials who held the offices before them.

    Buh bye, John Yoo, hello Dawn Johnson!

  6. Hey, if Don’s Johnson is on this video, doesn’t that make it NSFW? Warning, please!

  7. This video is even better if you have a list of Bush administration officials who held the offices before them.

    Or members of the Clinton administration. Oh, wait . . . .

    Jeebus, what I wouldn’t give for a principled and competent attorney general. Looks like my wait won’t be over for awhile yet.

  8. I liked the Dawn Johnson joke and the Richardson “Nevermind!”

    The premise of this is still stupid, however.

  9. Yes, RC, the cabinet is going to be stuffed to the gills with – gasp – DEMOCRATS!

    My goodness, the people who voted for the Democrat for president sure are suckers.

    Zip a dee doo dah
    Zip a dee yay
    My oh my…

  10. See, e.g., joe @ 5:08 for an object lesson in how Obama supporters rationalize the gap between rhetoric and reality.

  11. RC, your transparent denial shtick is getting old, so I’m going to put it out my misery.

    As soon as you were forced to accept the fact that Obama was going to win, you set out to try to convince yourself that he’s really not that bad. Having succeeded at doing so, you think that the difference between what you used to think about him and what you think about him now is that Barack Obama has changed his positions. And in a remarkable coincidence, this belief also carries the implication that you are a great deal smarter and more perceptive than your political opponents.

    You spent the entire campaign denouncing him as unacceptable for the very same things you now claim prove that he’s much closer to you, really, than to the people who spent the entire campaign realizing and even approving of. You don’t think anybody’s going to notice this?

  12. Mr. Obama, please, just keep the CHANGE!!!

  13. Ahhh, the breaking winds of change.

    Thought I smelled something…….

  14. Nothin’s gonna change my world…
    Nothin’s gonna change my world…

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