Ashton Kutcher, Renaissance Man


God, how I miss cynicism. 

Americans are on the brink of the Newer Deal where we will join hands in an effort to resurrect the pride in a government that supports us in supporting ourselves. Our new leader understands the value of our collective voices…

That deathless prose is from the pen of political philosopher and Punk'd impresario Ashton Kutcher, who then goes on to describe a meeting (summit?) four years ago where he sat down with Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Peres said nice things about America. Which caused Kutcher to bite his lip—because of our "national pursuit of Middle Eastern oil," etc., etc.—and then, a mere three years later, Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore decided to decide to do something:

A year ago my wife and I looked one another in the eye and promised to dedicate ourselves to finding a cause to champion.

Read about the bold action you can take to end sex slavery by signing an Obama quasi-loyalty pledge on MySpace, plus more political philosophy from Ashton Kutcher.

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