Zombie Corporations Love to Eat Maaaaaaarkets!


Occasional Reason contributor Todd Seavey finds some rhetorical silver lining in the bailout cloud:

On the bright side, rhetorically, I have to love the fact that the term "zombies" has been used in recent months for propped-up, government-subsidized, bailed-out firms that aren't really functional. Clearly, this highly pejorative term was not focus-grouped by government spin teams. It's simply too accurate—and well-timed, since this is a month of the undead at the cinema (witness the abominable and David Goyer-discrediting The Unborn, as well as the vampire movies Let the Right One In, Twilight, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, this last being the story of an actress named Kate Beckinsale being replaced by an eerie duplicate named Rhona Mitra — and in the more distant future lies the apocalyptic all-out zombie armageddon film World War Z, from the director of Quantum of Solace and the writer of Babylon 5 and The Changeling).

I wonder, though — to touch on a major controversy among horror nerds — will these "zombies" be the fast-moving kind or the slow-moving kind? I suspect they will start out fast and get slower and slower, and stupider and stupider.

Seavey is celebrating a Month of Liberty (i.e. Property) on his blog, as a way to recover from his Month of Feminism in December. Head over and enjoy the archives.

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