Recently at Reason.tv: How Far Will Smoking Bans Go?


On Friday, January 9, the California city of Belmont's controversial smoking ban—which snuffs out smoking "in individual units and their patio/yard areas of multi-unit, multi-story residences (apartments, condominiums, and townhouses) that share common floors and/or ceilings with at least one other such unit"—goes into effect. As a result, about the only place Belmonters will be free to smoke is detached single-family houses.

Which makes it a good time revisit Reason.tv's "Just Can't Quit: How far will smoking bans go?" This eight-minute documentary was produced by Ted Balaker and features one of the greatest exhortations to do things for the "children, children, children," you'll ever see outside of an episode of The Simpsons (right around the 3.50 mark).

For embed code, related links, and the video "Talking Butts" (which features a great cameo by John Waters), go here.

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