Civil Liberties

No One Better Than Ezra


The good folks at The Western Standard have compiled their Top 100 Canadians for liberty for the year 2008, starting with this top-25 tranche. Clocking in at numero uno (that's Canadian for "Chief Moose") is Ezra Levant. Explainer:

The issue that dominated 2008 for the freedom movement was the attack on freedom of speech and expression by human rights commissions across Canada, and Ezra Levant was at the centre of this issue as a pro-free speech newsmaker, advocate, lawyer and blogger. Levant is pushing back against Canada's human rights commissions with his new book "Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights." Levant's single-minded defence of free speech in 2008 makes him the Western Standard's choice for the #1 spot on our Liberty 100 list. Levant is the former publisher of the Western Standard.

Jacob Sullum on Levant here.