They Can't All be Forever Stamps


The U.S. Postal Service announced its slate of 2009 Commemorative Stamps yesterday and they certainly tried to offer something for everyone—even the Objectivists, who will no doubt enjoy pairing the new Gary Cooper stamp with the last of their Ayn Rand stash. It's certainly nice to find fighting liberal Oswald Garrison Villard among the "Civil Rights Pioneers" collection, though fellow Gold Democrat Moorfield Storey might have a been a better choice. Not only was Storey the NAACP's first president (Villard was the disbursing treasurer), he also argued and won the group's first significant victory before the Supreme Court (Buchan v. Warley, which relied on property rights to strike down a residential segregation law). And as far as the "United States Supreme Court Justices" collection goes, Louis Brandeis isn't exactly the most feminist choice.

Check out the Postal Service's press release for pictures of all these and more. (Via How Appealing)