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Library of Congress Hearts Flickr


In January, I blogged about a pilot project at the Library of Congress to upload old, under-indexed photos to the photosharing site Flickr and ask the public to add tags, annotations, and explanations to the images. The project has been a roaring success.

One year on, some impressive stats:
• 10.4 million views of the photos on Flickr.
• More than 15,000 Flickr members have chosen to make the Library of Congress a "contact," creating a photostream of Library images on their own accounts.
• 7,166 comments were left on 2,873 photos by 2,562 unique Flickr accounts.
• 67,176 tags were added by 2,518 unique Flickr accounts.
• 4,548 of the 4,615 photos have at least one community-provided tag.
• Less than 25 instances of user-generated content were removed as inappropriate.

Just by opening up the collection, the Library of Congress has dramatically increased the value of its photo archive. They're adding an additional 50 photos every week, so keep tagging.