Roger Stone Says "Don't Crown Caroline"


Legendary political operative Roger Stone, who helped bring down the socks of Eliot Spitzer like a ton of bricks, implores New York Gov. David Paterson not to crown "well-meaning socialite" Caroline Kennedy as the next senator from the Empire State. For a Republican loyalist, Stone has got some kind words about other Dems whom he thinks are more legitimate selections:

Governor Paterson has much better choices. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has proven himself a fighter, advocate and problem solver in his environmental non-profit. He would be an excellent choice because he has proven himself and unlike his cousin, has earned it.

Although the Governor would have to convince Mayor Bloomberg to travel to Washington, Bloomberg's business expertise is required in the US Senate in our efforts to rebuild the economy. It would also guarantee the election of a Democratic Mayor in New York City. It is also a terrific platform for Bloomberg to launch a Presidential campaign if Obama crashes.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has shed the immaturity of his Gubernatorial bid and has exhibited more leadership and seasoning as AG after a stint as a Presidential Cabinet member. His appointment would mean paterson could stop looking over his shoulder at the Governor's son who has never hidden his ambition for the Governor's office. Andrew would be a strong pick.

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Reason.tv caught up with Roger Stone right before the presidential election when he talked to an Interactive Media Studies class I co-taught at Miami University of Ohio this fall. Watch below (and go here for more details, links, and an audio podcast).