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The Talk Show: With Nick Gillespie, Michael C. Moynihan, Splice Today's Russ Smith, and the Washington Times' Kelly Jane Torrance

|'s Nick Gillespie and Michael C. Moynihan sit down with alternative-newspaper legend and Splice Today chief Russ Smith and Washington Times arts and entertainment writer Kelly Jane Torrance to talk about old media, new media, why the left dominates the arts, the cultural geography of Canada, the bailout bonanza, and much more.

Approximately 25 minutes; filmed and edited by Dan Hayes.

For an audio podcast version, go here.

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  1. the audio’s kinda wobbly on this but it looked like everyone’s wearing a lavaliere. what gives?

  2. The guy wearing a red fleece blanket is a hilarious hot mess of a train wreck. Did his right hemisphere suffer an arterial blockage five minutes prior to this show?

  3. It’s like they’re calling him on satellite phone from Baghdad and there’s a 5 second delay.

    But this was actually the funniest one of these I’ve seen. Well done.

  4. content was great, just wished i could have heard it better.

  5. The audio problems sound to me like automated compression coming from the stereo track that is being recorded through the camera. Everybody’s miked and going into a mixer, which is then being dumped stereo line-in to the camera, saving a step in sync-ing the video to a separate 4-track audio feed. That, or a separate compressor is being used on the master (2-track stereo) buss of the audio mix (instead of each individual mic channel), creating the drop-outs when the various (4) mic levels compete with one another. The audio has been my biggest gripe about the Talk Show. But at least they have invested in a few lavalieres.

  6. Oh, and it was a great show.
    (BTW, the eye candy index is aiming pretty high. Are the only hot libertarians in DC?)

  7. Actually, these shows are kinda sucking. I mean, I don’t mind hearing Moynihan and Gillespie banter like a couple sarcastic college boys, but I figure they have to get around to drawing out the guests at some point.

  8. loved the initial thumbs up from michael.

  9. oh, and keep ’em coming. I love watching these.

  10. Would Nick Gillispie please get a haircut. He reminds me of Illinois Gov. Blagovich not to mention my socialist in training Obama supporting teenage stepson. The whole hair thing creates a credibility problem, a distraction and is a disservice to the libertarian movement. I was so distracted by the hair I could not watch the video. Ditto for the girl from the Washington times with her hair hanging two inches over her eyes forcing her to have to lean her head back to talk to the others in the video. Was she trying to channel Cousin It from the Adams Family or something?

    If you must have long hair, at least pull it out of your eyes so we can see you. See the styles of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson for some good examples of adult long hair.

    Yeah, I had long hair once, too, when I was 19, a hippie in training and voting for smiling Jimmy. A ponytail even, ala Jefferson. And yeah, I know I sound like my late WWII vet dad did back then, but I soon after realized he had a good point.

    Cut your hair and I will send a donation.

    Tom Fry,
    St. Louis, MO

  11. hoooookaaaay.

    doing separate tracks for each mic and then syncing back to video would be a total pain in the ass as opposed to plug n’ play, but i think the result would also be a lot better as well.

  12. I think it is spelled “Addams” Family, with two “d”s.

    And please don’t have an aneurism over this until they have the chance to comply with your wishes. 🙂

  13. Nick gets funnier with each episode and the guests get duller and more tongue-tied. Consider offering your guests a few, ahem, “stimulants” before they go on to lessen the amount of painful radio silence.

  14. The leather jacket comes off! Or perhaps Nick skinned some hobo and made “sleeves” to cover it up…

    Also, does anyone else think that Michael C. Moynihan sounds just like Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson on House)?

  15. I mean, I don’t mind hearing Moynihan and Gillespie banter like a couple sarcastic college boys, but I figure they have to get around to drawing out the guests at some point.


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