Matt Welch on Fox News' "Red Eye" Tonight, 3 A.M. Eastern


Topics under possible consideration for tonight's Greg Gutfeld show include Milorad "Don't Call Me Nick Gillespie" Blagojevich's hair, George "Still President" Bush's shoe-ducking skills, and David "Don't Call Me a Blind Coke-Lover" Paterson's sense of humor.


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  1. Great.

    I blame ‘Red Eye’ for exposing me to a LemonParty.

    I will never forgive them for that… (seethes)

  2. I love that show. That’s the one where both the regulars somehow give the impression of being gay (even though one of them keeps mentioning his wife and kids, rather too pointedly it seems to me). Plus libertarians are allowed on it and aren’t treated as if they would destroy civilization if they had half a chance.

  3. Wow, Fox News! Big time!

  4. And at 3 am! Tell me the libertaian message isn’t getting out.

  5. I appreciate Red Eye for its loose sense of humor and free-flowing discussions. I also appreciate that they always have some leggy broad seated at the end of the table facing the cameras.

  6. you just read this comment

  7. Do you guys know what time Matt will be interviewed? Top of the hour? It’s about five minutes to 3:00 a.m. I just want to know if I have to sit through the whole show.

  8. I saw him and he did not have much to say at all. I guess he did not enjoy being a guest(did not share Red Eye’s sense of humor?).
    He was in a tux sans bowtie (lavender shirt). Many other Reason writers show up on Red Eye- very clever people:)

  9. If they replaced Greg Gutfeld with someone funny, and got some writers with good ideas, it might be a decent show. Most reasonites I’ve seen on there at least have a sense of humor about themselves. There a couple exceptions, sad to say.

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