Triple, Triple Zero if You Want Obama's Slot


The problem with political hip-hop isn't that it's too conspiratorial and too obsessed with Gary Webb-type stories of the CIA and crack cocaine, like this imbecilic (but pretty catchy) Mos Def-Immortal Technique song, but that it is typically slow in responding to interesting issues in the news. The nutty stuff is fine by me, as long as its reasonably topical. But generally speaking, there is little for the hip-hop loving news junkie, few songs that quickly respond to stories one might read in The Politico, save the countless paeans to President-elect Obama. But considering it's Friday and I couldn't resist this terrific track by Firedoglake's Spencer Ackerman (and his mysterious co-M.C., Vitamin), I present "Dey Know (Blago)," the first hip-hop song to deal with scandal enveloping Gov. Rod Blagojevich.