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If Police Responded to Every Third Call, That Would Save Money Too


New Hampshire is suspending jury trials for a month, thereby saving $73,000 that would otherwise be spent on juror "stipends" (at $20 a day, these really should be called "insults"). The state is facing a $250 million budget deficit, so this move gets it 0.03 percent of the way there. You might think a reputedly libertarian-leaning state, before cutting back on one of the government's few legitimate functions, would look into slashing or eliminating some of these:

Acupuncture Licensing, Board of

Agriculture, Markets, and Food Department

Americorps, New Hampshire

Arts Council, Cultural Resources Department

Auctioneer's Board, Secretary of State

Barbering, Cosmetology, and Esthetics Board

Bicycle/Pedestrian Information Center

Boxing and Wrestling Commission

Christa McAuliffe Planetarium

Commission on the Status of Men

Commission on the Status of Women

Community College System of NH

Community Development Finance Authority

Cultural Resources Department

And that's just the first three letters.

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  1. What the? Christa McAuliffe Planetarium? Really? Are they still looking for pieces of her or something?

  2. Community College System of NH

    Is there something particularly wrong with NH’s two year schools? I’m all for extracting government from education entierly, but the Community College System seems an odd place to start.

  3. Sigh, and in some ways NH is such a nice alternative >>

  4. D.A.R.E. – Perfect candidate, but will never be eliminated. Think about the police unions!

  5. Scrap the community college system? I’d agree that it’s not on the short list of legitimate govt functions but surely it has more value than the acupuncture licensing board.

  6. There are no legitimate government functions.

  7. New Hampshire may be libertarian-leaning compared to other states, but that’s not saying much.

  8. I knew a guy who got busted for a major grow operation in his basement. His county was going thru a very high profile murder trial at the time. As a first offender, he walked with a slap on the wrist – they couldnt afford trials for everyone.

    He got one of the “stay clean for 3 years and you wont go to prison” deals.

  9. NH needs more porcupines IMO.

  10. Commission on the Status of Men

    Commission on the Status of Women

    What? No commission on the Status of the Transgendered? Time for a civil rights lawsuit.

  11. There’s been an ongoing effort for some time, perhaps centuries now, to diminish the power of juries and enhance that of lawyers and judges (an effort led, of course, by lawyers and judges). This is part of why they pay jurors nothing instead of providing recompense comparable to their normal pay: it helps keep more influential people off of juries, which are supposed to be heads full of mush for the lawyers to shape as they like.

    In fact, juries are supposed to be more powerful than judges, able to nullify law if they so choose.

    Nevertheless, there is little doubt as to the ability of a jury to nullify the law. Today, there are several issues raised by jury nullification.

    First, whether juries can or should be instructed or informed of their power to nullify.
    Second, whether a judge may remove jurors “for cause” when they refuse to apply the law as instructed.
    Third, whether a judge may punish a juror for exercising his power of jury nullification.
    Fourth, whether all legal arguments, except perhaps on motions in limine to exclude evidence, should be made in the hearing of the jury

    We are gradually losing all of these rights.

  12. They have a community college SYSTEM in New Hampshire? Looking at their website, it seems to list seven community colleges. In a state that’s less than a three-hour drive north to south, that seems excessive… in the same geographic north-south distance where I grew up (Northwest Lower Michigan), there were three community colleges, and that’s counting the terminal ends of the whole mess (Traverse City south to Muskegon). I’d say in a state of NH’s area, they could probably give two or three the heave-ho… may end up relocating faculty to meet demand, but would save a fortune on facilities, to say nothing of the ability to sell those sites…

  13. How can this possibly be constitutional? Right to jury trial? Right to speedy trial? C’mon!

    I suspect an avalance of motions to dismiss is being prepared in NH right now.

  14. Here’s what it says on the dept of Cultural resources web site:

    “New Hampshire’s Department of Cultural Resources includes the State Council on the Arts, the Film and Television Office, the Division of Historical Resources, the State Library and the American Canadian French Cultural Exchange Commission.

    “The Department strives to nurture the cultural well-being of our state. From the covered bridges and traditional music of our past to the avant garde performances and technological resources of today and tomorrow, New Hampshire’s culture is as varied as its geography and its people. This strong cultural base-which truly has something for everyone-attracts businesses looking for engaged workforces, provides outstanding educational opportunities and creates communities worth living in.”

    You can’t cut *their* budget! Abolishing the American Canadian French Cultural Exchange Commission would be viewed as a casus bellli by Canada, resulting in vast increases in the military budget. Talk about penny-wise but pound foolish!

    Cutting the budget would also threaten the state’s status as a cultural mecca. Nowadays, whenever anyone hears the phrase “avant garde performances,” he immediately thinks of New Hampshire. That could change if cultural spending is reducted by miserly legislators.

    Save the culture!

  15. This is like the old “We’re going to abolish varsity sports!” threat that school boards always pull during a levy campaign.
    (To me, though, that’s a feature, not a bug.)

  16. Abolishing the American Canadian French Cultural Exchange Commission would be viewed as a casus bellli by Canada, resulting in vast increases in the military budget

    Thus putting the Baldwins in grave danger. Blame Canada, people.

  17. This is an old trick. If the school budget is going to be cut, do you cut the admin budget? Of course not! You cut high school football. Cut something highly visible to protect your budget.

  18. Damn! Citizen beat me to it.

  19. New Hampshire has no sales tax, and really low tax (maybe none?) on booze. They also have big rocks, one that used to look like a man’s face. New Hampshire has cold and snowy winters that seem to last forever. New Hampshire does no have significant cultural offerings that I am aware of. I like turtles.

  20. I blame all those fucking Massholes who keep moving up here.

  21. madmikefisk,

    Nice strawman! The area of MI you describe contains not a single legitimate city (defined as having multiple sky scrapers). NH has multiple cities. On a per capita basis, I bet NH 2ys schs serve three times as many people as your corner of nowhere MI

  22. NH is not libertarian leaning. It was once. It is not anymore.

    Licensing is the new fad here. They’re now licensing home inspectors.

    This state is hosed. Very sad, really.

  23. “You might think a reputedly libertarian-leaning state…”

    Are you kidding? NH libertarian leaning? Maybe for nimby-namby big-talker quasi libertarians, but surely not for the True-Believer Resonoid Orthodox anti-State-Never-Met-a-Swat-I-liked Libertarians. NH is a cesspool of infidel heretics and crypto-statists! Look to Somalia!

  24. I blame all those fucking Massholes who keep moving up here.

    Is there anything that can’t be blamed on Massholes?

  25. How can this possibly be constitutional? Right to jury trial? Right to speedy trial? C’mon!

    The article says that the trials were just rescheduled for another month. While not ideal, it’s not denying anyone’s right to a jury trial. As for the speedy thing, well, trials are delayed longer than a month for lots of reasons.

  26. The thing that scares me about the Commission on the Status of Men — is the mission to raise or lower our status?

  27. I’d really like to introduce leftitti to poster “Reason is a shill for the leftist establishment” Fitz from another of today’s threads.
    They’re both of a piece (“a piece of what?” you may well ask) so it could be love at first sight.

  28. A clever plan . . . something tells me NH is lobbying for a bailout in Congress.

  29. Commission on the Status of Women

    This just in: They still have vaginas.

  30. A clever plan . . . something tells me NH is lobbying for a bailout in Congress.

    The J sub D Unicycle Repair and Disco Emporium is lobbying for a bailout from congress.

    I’ll get one too. Jobz!

  31. Here’s a bailout request from Dallas.

    Dallas this morning released its working wish list of municipal projects it is asking the federal government to bankroll with a yet-to-be-established national economic stimulus fund.

    Topping the list: $386 million to construct a Dallas Convention Center hotel, $246.5 million to build the planned Margaret McDermott Bridge over the Trinity River and $62 million to create a new police academy.

  32. $62 million to create a new police academy.

    As long as they have a guy that can make all those sound effects, it would be totally worth it.

  33. Disco Emporium? Each to his own I suppose.

    “So join now, ’cause at the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, we teach you that there’s more to life than just being really, really, really good looking. Right kids?”

  34. Damn you SugarFree!!! Must . . . resist temptation . . . to . . . ah the hell with it!!!

    ” Drop that stereo before I blow your goddamn nuts off, asshole.”

  35. Nice strawman! The area of MI you describe contains not a single legitimate city (defined as having multiple sky scrapers). NH has multiple cities. On a per capita basis, I bet NH 2ys schs serve three times as many people as your corner of nowhere MI

    If you define the purpose of community colleges as providing access to post-secondary education, then no, the geographic area argument is quite relevant.

  36. Hey guys, not on topic but funny as hell.

    The Free Market Clapper

  37. Holy shit, miche… that was just like Reason’s Friday Funnies, except it’s not Friday, and that was funny.

  38. Naga,

    Now is not the time to admit to your crippling Steve Gutenberg mancrush.

  39. A “crippling mancrush”? I like the way you think. I’ve got one more final and I’m nervous. I remember insanely stupid details when I’m nervous. Pro Lib did something similiar when I was taking finals in May.

  40. What’s the final? I’m the king of stupid details.

  41. Plead guilty now and serve no time, pay a small fine. Justice at bargan prices, this is a limited offer.

    Sound like they will use what NYC used when Rudy overloaded the courts with petty stuff. The ACD, adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. Make no plea, stay out of trouble for a year, the charge is dismissed.

  42. Internation Economics. Taught by Dr. Farhang Niroomand. Who is apparently a medium to heavy weight in the field according to his description.

  43. If the state only has X amount of dollars for trials, they should limit the number of laws accordingly.

  44. If Police Responded to Every Third Call, That Would Save Money Too

    That’s how they do it here in Riverside County Californicate. Except the just don’t respond at all unless there’s a body bleeding in the street.

  45. Naga,

    “If ignorance paid dividends most Americans could make a fortune out of what they don’t know about economics.”

    -Luther H. Hodges

    Good luck. All my students are still studying, finals aren’t until next week here. Desperation spices the air like grilling meat.

  46. Everytime Steve Guttenberg comes up, this runs through my brain.

    Who controls the British Crown?
    Who keeps the metric system down?
    We do, we do.
    Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
    Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
    We do, we do.
    Who holds back the electric car?
    Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
    We do, we do.
    Who robs cave fish of their sight?
    Who rigs every Oscar night?
    We do, we do!

  47. “Have you ever noticed that the ‘Crossing the Desert’ is a lot like the ‘Unblinking Eye,’ and is exactly like ‘The Wreck of the Hesperus?'”

  48. Damn you J sub D!!! That is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of today!


    LoL! Thanks for the phrase “Desperation spices the air like grilling meat.” I’m gonna use it in class.

  49. I’m with F3. It’s all illegitimate.

  50. Naga,
    I once pulled a 56% on one of my higher level econ courses (begining grad level). I figured I was severely fucked. Fortunately the prof graded on a curve and I got an A. Perhaps that says something about economists.

  51. NH apparently has suffered an influx of people from Massachusetts in recent years. This has had a devastating impact on the average common sense of the state, and has also been linked to a rise in cancer rates.

  52. CN,
    In Calculus II I got a B despite having a 60%. In engineering school. I was so happy that I got drunk. The moral of the story: Alcohol is good whether you are happy or sad, elated or depressed.

  53. J sub D,
    I see that you are a fellow stonecutter. Unfortunately, you have just broken the oath of secrecy. I’m not sure what the sentence for that is, but I’m sure it’s bad.

  54. God forbid we lose the barber licensing. Remember where it says in the Constitution that one of the chief responsibilities of government is protecting citizens from the horrors of a Bad Hair Day?

    Incidentally, I cut my own hair — by which I mean, every few months I trim the bottom half-inch off of freshly washed hair to get rid of split ends — and at the rate things are going, I give it five years before a SWAT team raids my home and arrests me for cutting hair without a license. I don’t know if the excuse they’ll use will be “public safety” or “violating the commerce clause,” by cheating licensed hairdressers out of income that’s rightfully theirs.

  55. Jennifer,
    My little one just told us that she hates college and is dropping out to go to cosmetology school. She says that she can start working sooner that way and can go back to school when she really figures out what she wants. I can’t understand is why she must take courses for what she’s always done with scissors and hair dye in her bathroom.

  56. I’m glad this issue is finally getting some public attention! In Georgia, my state, the judicial system (and other legitimate functions of government) is always the first place to get cut. To put it in perspective, in Georgia, the ENTIRE judicial branch of government, including all the courts, judges, D.A.’s offices, etc., comprises ONLY ONE PERCENT of the total state budget. And they still bleed us dry every year. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  57. Jennifer,
    Stay where you are. The authorities will arrive shortly.

  58. Anne,
    Makes sense. I could give you a long, boring story about my speeding ticket, but I’m not a sadist.

  59. Incidentally, I cut my own hair

    Me, too. Twice a week, like clockwork, I run the buzzcutter over my head. And hit the beard and mustache while I’m at it.

  60. miche,

    WHAT? Hold on. Now let me get this straight. Your daughter hates school . . . so she’s going to . . . another school . . . to . . . get some . . . schooling in cosmetology . . . then go back to school . . . to figure out what in school she is interested in? (sigh) Sounds like my brother. The guy has a strong mechanical aptitude but can’t stand school. He would have made an awesome engineer.

  61. Yep, that’s what she seems to be saying. Here’s a funny thing: The doc and I had been wondering why she wasn’t hitting us up for cash lately. We just learned that she’s been making some money doing her friends’ high school homework (she’s only 17 so many of her friends are seniors in HS). Dad and I asked why she’d drop a course in college but do her friends’ work for cash but wouldn’t focus on her work so she can make money later.

    It’s crazy indeed and the worst part is that she wants to move back into the house. Arghh…

  62. It’s crazy indeed and the worst part is that she wants to move back into the house. Arghh…

    And you’ll welcome her. When she hits forty or so she’ll realize how much that means.

  63. Of course we’ll welcome her. And, thankfully for her, hubby and I only just got used to running around naked in own house again- we should be able to modify our behavior back to parent mode pretty quickly. ;o)

    We are making her earn some of her school money now though. The deal was Bs or better for a full ride with no job necessary. Haven’t seen the results of last semester yet but a dropped (easy) class tells us that she didn’t take our investment seriously. (It’s the 2nd time she blew off an easy class.)

    I think she has to decide in the next week whether she’s cleaning out her dorm or giving it another semester.

  64. Miche:

    On the free market clapper, it’s currently ‘OFF’ and I’m clapping furiously to turn it back on, but it won’t. I think it’s defective.

  65. Fucking cheaply made item. Likely produced in the same factory as that tainted baby milk. Now that I’m really considering it, my xmas light timer isn’t working properly. It must be cheaply made too.

    Ok, actually the timer issue is probably due to operator deficiencies. That or my HOA sabotaged it because I put multi-colored lights out. I think I didn’t get the white lights only memo. ;o)

  66. Heh, I posted almost the exact same thing in a Fark thread yesterday, Jacob.

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