Recently on Reason.tv: How Far Will Smoking Bans Go? Plus, Talking Butts!


It's been a decade since California became the first state to ban smoking in bars and restaurants. After that, the deluge. How far will smoking bans go? How much farther can they go? Click above to see a Reason.tv documentary about Belmont, California, which has passed a law banning smoking in private residences (yes, it's for the children!). Just Can't Quit was written and produced by Ted Balaker. Go here for additional material, embed links, and more.

And click below to see 2002's Talking Butts: A Smoking Documentary, which was made with the help of reason's Paul Feine, Jesse Walker, Jacob Sullum, and Charles Paul Freund. The 25-minute film explores why people smoke and why attempts to regulate and punish smokers have unintended consequences. And it features a cameo by filmmaker John Waters that is absolutely unforgettable.