As We Look Past the Next Four Years of Virtually Certain Unmitigated Crapitude, Here's a Couple of Thoughts on Election 2012


As Brian Doherty noted not so many days—oy, it feels like years!—when it comes to electoral politics, small "l" and big "l" libertarians know disappointment like Charlie Brown knows kite-eating trees.

Yet as those of us who belong to that dwindling tribe of Mohicans who believe in choice not coercion, free minds and free markets, open borders, drug legalization, buyouts not bailouts, and more look to 2012, let's keep in mind two great hopes for a fun, invigorating, and informational presidential race.

I humbly submit that Duke University political science professor Michael Munger, who ran a strong bid as an Libertarian Party candidate for governor in North Carolina, set his eyes toward an even bigger and remote target in 2012, that stationary Death Star known as the White House. Here's a clip of Munger in action:

reason's Dave Weigel talked with Munger here.

And here's another ticket well worth considering, that of LP activist Angela Keaton and blogger Michelle Shingal:

Full disclosure: Keaton is married to Brian Doherty. Shinghal promises "a chicken in every pot" to everyone who follows this simple plan.

Munger and Keaton/Shinghal would doubtlessly run fun, media-savvy campaigns that would delight and edify the masses.

And as long as we're talking about revolution at the ballot box, let's not forget Matt Welch and Dan Haye's mad mood poem for the Ron Paul Revolution (long time passing):