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Mike Huckabee: "The Best Government Is Self-Government…"


huckb…by which I mean you have the right to agree with me.

Over at Pajamas TV, Helen and Glenn Reynolds interview former GOP presidential candidate and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee about the future of the Republican Party. The Huck continues his jihad against libertarians, those strange and horrible creatures who dislike government intrusion into private matters but support low, low taxes. This is an interesting performance, as Huckabee can't find a single good thing to say about libertarians but worries over their lack of Big Tentedness. Go figure.

The fun begins about five or 10 minutes in, after a discussion by others about the future of conservatism. And just why won't Huckabee mention Mitt Romney? His phony folksiness is summed up by his discussion of whether he would vote for a Mormon. Huck is shocked that anyone could ask such a question and then goes on to note that many of the finest people he knows are Mormons and dodges why he asked The New York Times whether Latter Day Saints think that Jesus and the Devil are brothers.

reason on Huck here.

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  1. Ugh, socialism and social conservatism have made a very ugly baby together.

    If the GOP moves this way, I may never vote Republican again.

  2. “If the GOP moves this way, ”

    It already did. In 2000 with George Bush.

  3. BDB,
    Huckabee is the inbred child of the Bush ideology.

  4. Good for you, TallDave! It only took you 5 years longer than me to figure it out!

  5. The Huck seems to be saying that the big tent problem is libertarians and Rockefeller Repubs failing to respect social conservatives, but that there is no such problem going the other way. Is that true? I really don’t know. I teach in a large state university and consequently never meet any social conservatives (except among my students).

  6. Good for you, e.!
    It only took you 24 years longer than me to figure out!

  7. I would actually clearly prefer Barack Obama to Mike Huckabee. This is a fairly radical statement, coming from me, as I would prefer a carrot to Barack Obama.

  8. I must admit that the Huckster talks a good game. He does an excellent job, given the audience, of presenting his theocratic positions as just “treating the federal government as the last resort” for upholding morals. If you think about it, this is not terribly reassuring, as IMHO it shouldn’t be a resort at all.

  9. CN,
    It’s not like I usually voted. I just didn’t swear off the Republicans completely until 2003.

  10. He also says people who say he’s a populist don’t know what populism is. And gets away with it.

  11. cunnivore,
    Mike Huckabee’s very good at bullshitting people. Doubtless his background as a Baptist preacher helps.

  12. Lester Hunt,

    I interpreted his statement on that subject as meaning that social conservatives must be respected because of their numbers and their willingness to do campaign work. He gave no reason why Rockafellers and libertarians should be respected.

  13. e.,
    I can proudly say I have never voted Republican, although I registered as one oh-so-briefly in 1979; but I was 18, and stupid, but I’m being redundant.
    (I recovered just in time to avoid voting for Reagan.)

  14. CN,
    That’s very impressive, provided you never voted for a Democrat either.

  15. Less and less a fan of Mike. Nothing proves a fool faster than opening his mouth.

    I am okay with the fair tax proposal he sometimes talks about, not so okay with his religious one-sidedness (Mormons are amazing people), and definitely not okay with his dislike for Rockefeller Republicans and Libertarians, all of whom should know how to get along.

    He seems like he could lead the religious conservatives but has no business running the party, and therefore the country. Of course, half of the religious conservatives voted for Romney over brother Huck, so maybe they don’t claim him as a leader, either.

    Mitt is our best hope for 2012, followed by Palin if she gets her act together. (To be fair, she didn’t have much notice this election. Mitt has been preparing for years.)

  16. My first (Presidential) vote was in 2004, and I voted Badnarik. Like CN, I recovered just in time to avoid voting for Bush.

  17. AO,
    I think you have CN confused with me. I actually voted for Nader in 2000 (didn’t know any better) and a straight Republican ticket otherwise. In 2004 I decided not to vote. And this year, I voted for Bob Barr.

  18. Huck is wrong about a lot of things, but he’s on the right track with this. However, he failed to point out the huge gaps between the Cosmos and the others. The latter are like Scrooge on speed, except they think that way out of ideology. The former are like corporate Scrooges on speed, supporting what they support due to their benefactors.

    But, Cosmos and Huckabee do have common ground. Let chicken grease lubricate what could be a very profitable partnership!

  19. jedi,
    Hope is a dangerous thing. Can anyone tell the reference?


    My work here is done.

  21. Don’t buy into it. His lips were moving.

  22. If he didn’t handle some snakes for the interview, the Reynolds got gypped.

  23. People like Huckabee and conservative-centered focus are what’s wrong with the Republican Party. The word “conservative” should only apply to the preservation of the Constitution, everything else should be dynamic, open, tolerant, liberal (in the true sense of the word) and free from religious meddling, geared toward an effort to limit government – that is if the Republicans want to be a viable alternative in the 21st century. Huckabee is a good salesman, but “conservative” is not a good product — it’s musty and out-of-date. The Republicans need to sell a bare-footed, ragamuffin love for liberty and a fire-breating disdain for nanny-ass, statist control freaks.

  24. Huck Mike Fuckabee (and his crazy dog-killing offspring)

  25. I like Huckabee. I think he is one of the few “pro-Main Street” Republicans left.

    His theocratic tendencies are disturbing but he is a Republican after all.

  26. Sorry, couldn’t make it past one minute of that nitwit Roger L. Simon pretending that “Pajamas TV” is an actual TV show. Besides, I thought Dr. Helen was going to “go John Galt” and deprive us all of her talent as punishment for electing Obama?

  27. However, he failed to point out the huge gaps between the Cosmos and the others.

    Well, there is no “others” in relation to the Cosmos, as it contains everything that exists. Unless you’re talking about parallel universes.

  28. His theocratic tendencies are disturbing

    Much like his scumbag son

  29. When fascism arrives in America, it will come carrying a cross and wearing pajamas.

    –Sinclair Lewis

  30. If anything, we should be grateful to The Insufferable Huck for once again pointing out the wide chasm that exists between libertarians and conservatives. It’s bigger than you think, kiddies…

  31. Did you know that the ACLU thinks Americans are so stupid that NORMAN THOMAS said Quote American’s will never “knowingly” accept Socialism, but under “liberalism” they will accept every fragment of the Socialist, and will one day wake up in a Socialist nation and “wonder” how it all happened. unquote.

    DID YOU KNOW that the ACLU–wants to usurp the US nation SOVEREIGNTY to have the USA be governed by UN or something OTHER than the WE THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE?

    See for yourselves at the site call—Coalition to fight against the ACLU –people there is even litigation stuff on this item.

    DID YOU KNOW–that the REPUBLICANS have said many times to them to stuff a sock in it because the soverignty of the US is not open for negotiation, or debate or infringment because this Nation is SOVEREIGN AND governed only by WE THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AND OF THE PEOPLE.

    DID YOU KNOW—that the ACLU doesn’t think PARENTS are SMART enough to have a say in how their child should be educated and what they should be exposed to in SCHOOLS?

    The ACLU has been going around to schools and telling kids they should NOT WANT to join the service or DEFEND their freedoms or their country etc. HOW did they get found out WE some kids have PARENTS whom belong to the COALITION TO FIGHT AGAINST THE ACLU and the kids told their parents.

    DID YOU KNOW–that after this election THE COALITION TO FIGHT AGAINST THE ACLU won’t be able to serve WE THE PEOPLE anymore because of lack of funding because most American’s don’t know that the ACLU hates, this nations freedoms and country and flag and constition and SOVERIGNTY?

    DID YOU KNOW– that now Obama with the ACLU wants to kick the REPUBLICANS OUT OF DEPT OF JUSTICE leaving this country at the mercy of the DEMOCRATS AND ACLU whom think AMERICANS ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO GOVERN THEMSELVES???

    DID YOU KNOW that when Ayers and obama were working in schools together what happened to the 60,000.00? They didn’t teach children how to learn, instead they tried to radicalize the children?

    Let’s see now, the DEMOCRATS DON’T think American’s are SMART enough to GOVERN themselvs preferring to make American’s servants in their own Nation to someone else.

    DEMOCRATS DON’T think American’s should have a VOICE in how to raise their children and how they are educated.

    DEMOCRATS DON’T think Americans should have the FREEDOM to speak up for themselves thru the right to petition thru lobbying.

    DEMOCRATS DON’T think Americans should have the FREEDOM to lawfully bear Arms and to defend themselves or to defend OTHERS.


    Now they want FULL CONTROL of our SECURITY and JUSTICE DEPT leaving Americans vulnerable.

    People, Americans need to NOT leave WASH DC alone LEGALLY AND LEGISLATIVELY until everyone of our freedoms are iron clad protected.

    Feel free to cut paste and print and visit that web site because once they are closed AMERICAN’s have no one to SPEAK for WE THE PEOPLE.

  32. “I like Huckabee. I think he is one of the few “pro-Main Street” Republicans left.

    His theocratic tendencies are disturbing but he is a Republican after all.”
    CED, Do you want that handle to become permanent?

  33. DID YOU KNOW-that floppyfeet is so stupid that he doesn’t realize how his own post makes him look like a fool?

    I think Huck comes across as being more in touch with Main Street and less wedded to the big business only mindset of most of the GOP.

    I don’t like his theocratic stance, but that’s pretty much par for the course for the GOP nowadays…

    I didn’t say I would vote for the guy, just that there is stuff I like about him. As opposed to someone like Romney, not a thing to like there…

  34. DID YOU KNOW that I wouldn’t read FloppyFeet’s hyperbolic RANT?

    DID YOU KNOW that consistently typing in ALL CAPS for EMPHASIS makes you look like a idiot?

    DID YOU KNOW that adding bold and italics works better at GETTING EVERYBODY’S ATTENTION?

  35. FloppyFeet, since you’ve already been sufficiently pwned, I’d just like to say –

    PLEASE don’t ever STOP posting your ridiculous and HYPERBOLIC rants. Sure, it’s COMPLETE horseshit, but it’s still way more ENTERTAINING than what most of our TROLLS post on a regular BASIS.

    DID YOU KNOW that many of us already hate the DEMOCRATS, but for ACTUAL reasons, and not INSANE paranoia?

  36. J sub D,

    Like they say, knowing is half the battle.

    Oh, yeah, almost forgot what I came here to say: Huckabee is a douchebag.

  37. CED,
    I get it. Populism appeals to you. Let me note that in my H&R log.

  38. If understand the Huck correctly government would be small if everyone were a good upstanding Christian like himself. He’s probably right about that. But absent this, he thinks the government can never be too big.

    So Huck’s a tyrant. He sees that man is a flawed creature, but doesn’t see government as a flawed institution.

  39. Huckabee: still a putz, film at 11.


  40. American’s will never “knowingly” accept Socialism, but under “liberalism” they will accept every fragment of the Socialist, and will one day wake up in a Socialist nation and “wonder” how it all happened

    Already happened. Take a look at the American socialist party platform from 1932, and compare it to our current laws.


  41. FloppyFeet is nuts. He’s crazy, he’s loony tunes. I LOVE IT!

  42. “jk | November 20, 2008, 6:55pm | #
    If understand the Huck correctly government would be small if everyone were a good upstanding Christian like himself. He’s probably right about that. But absent this, he thinks the government can never be too big.

    So Huck’s a tyrant. He sees that man is a flawed creature, but doesn’t see government as a flawed institution.”

    Best analysis of Huck on this thread. Just like when he said he would kindly ask CEOs to limit their pay, but if they didn’t, he might “take action”.

  43. BDB,
    I’ve always enjoyed government calls to “voluntary” action backed up by implied threats.

  44. Mike Huckabee: “The Best Government Is Self-Government…”

    You left out his “in a perfect world” qualification. In the world that actually exists, people fail to live by good Christian morals, so the government has to enforce them.

  45. Feel free to cut paste and print and visit that web site because once they are closed AMERICAN’s have no one to SPEAK for WE THE PEOPLE.

    Considering how valuable the intellectual property you have generated is, that is quite a gift.

  46. In a perverse kind of way, I’m actually glad for Huckabee’s crusade against libertarianism. Fusionism has been a disaster for libertarianism, and anything that kills it faster is good for liberty in the long run. It’s well past time libertarianism shed its reputation as a “right wing” movement, and the infuriating Republican insistence on tying free-market, anti-statist rhetoric to their own corporatist, authoritarian policies is one of the main reasons that impression persists. I’d much rather have two openly statist parties to oppose than one blatantly statist party vs. a statist wrapping themselves in libertarian clothing.

    Short of some freak event out of left field like Gary Johnson being nominated in 2012, I frankly don’t think trying to transform the GOP into a moderate right-libertarian party is a good strategy. More likely than not you’ll just re-entangle libertarian rhetoric and branding with statist conservative policies.


    DID YOU KNOW that nav teerts is street van spelled backwards?

    DID YOU KNOW that there is a positive correlation between the amount of caps used and your quantum of douchebagness?

  48. Don’t worry, the “Gosh, gollie, Aw shucks” candidates have a shrinking and dying voting block. Obama will beat him and Sarah even if the economy is still lousey in 2012.

  49. What Andy said. At least Huck believes in what he believes in, he’s not one of these Norquistite/Club for Growther frauds. Plus he’s a legit funny dude.

  50. “Feel free to cut paste and print…”

    That’s my favorite part.

  51. Cheap Seats is one of the most underrated shows of our time. To be sure, a modest show with much to be modest about; but, nonetheless, suficiently entertaining.

  52. I clicked on this and started to watch the Pajamas TV special for about ten seconds, but then I realized I couldn’t give a damn what Mike Huckabee thinks about libertarians.

  53. Let’s get it straight about this wackjob and not let our need to be rational and fair get in the way of what is really going on here: this is the same motherfucker who in the early nineties, long after we all knew AIDs wasn’t Airborne DFA, who thought it might be a good idea to quarantine AIDS patients. Fuck Mike Huckabee and double fist the high horse the motherfucker road in on.

  54. I’ve never been a violent person, but I have a growing desire to find Mike Huckabee and spend about a week kneeing him in the groin.

    If one of the republican presidential candidates was out of touch above all the others, it sure wasn’t john mccain – it was this loony fuck.

  55. For those weary of the present Republican Party…

    The Constitution Party-just 16 years old-is already the 3rd largest political party in the United States, and the fastest growing of the so-called “third” parties. Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s 2008 presidential nominee, set a party record this year in the total of votes he received.

    If you’re interested in supporting candidates who genuinely believe in small, non-nanny, non-interventionist government, and who are 100% pro-life, you’ll want to take a look at the Constitution Party.

    “Constitution Conscious”

  56. Not a big contribution here (as usual), but I hate this Huckabee guy.

  57. To “John”:

    The Constitution Party those who subscribe to it’s hateful ideology are killing the libertarian movement in the country (to the point of getting a religious bigot like Bob Barr nominated by the Libertarian Party). It’s a nationalist party; adhering not to Free Market Capitalism, but to Economic Nationalism & Protectionism. It consistently values so-called “States Rights” over individual liberty, not just on abortion but on broader issues of civil rights as well (up to and including members opposing the validity of the 14th Amendment).

  58. I don’t think it’s absurd for him to question Mormonism; afterall, it is a patently absurd religion (see the south park episode) based on an obvious fraud, to which adherence brings into questions one’s critical thinking skills. That said, while it is nice that he’d vote for an atheist (something polls show most Americans wouldn’t do), I think it’s telling he says he’d even vote for a “rank” atheist.

  59. DBD/econ,

    Bush was a so-con, but at least he wasn’t a socialist.

  60. Palin, tho, may be giving me new hope. Reformer, governor or a drug-legalization state, tax cutter… she could do a lot of good.

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