A Chavista at the EPA?


According to the Washington Post, Barack Obama is "looking at possibly appointing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head the Environmental Protection Agency, according to sources familiar with the process, though he is eying several other prominent environmentalists as well." Kennedy is a well-know 2004 election conspiracy theorist who is under the impression that we are all being held hostage in fascist America. Ho-hum. So would you be surprised to learn that RFK II is also a Chavista? Of course not!

Check out the video below to watch the Kook of Camelot argue in favor of the nationalization of oil companies and argue that Chavez is the "kind of leader my father and President Kennedy were looking for" in Latin America. Yes, Bobby Kennedy, former Tailgunner Joe McCarthy staffer, and Jack Kennedy, who oversaw the invasion of Cuba, would have surely loved Hugo Chavez.

Kennedy rambles through a litany of American sins in Latin America, both real and imagined (School of the Americas, the Oligarchs, United Fruit, Chiquita banana, etc), and engages in the logical fallacy that if one side has done some horrid things—and who could deny that, for example, the United States overthrew Jacobo Árbenz—the other guys must be battling for a more democratic future.

Kennedy says that Chavez has built thousands of top-notch clinics (see here and here for a more realistic view of his health "missions"), increased literacy by one million (false: see here and here), is "helping indigenous people by giving them rights for the first time in their history" (false), is "doing real land reform" by "redistribut[ing] land that is not used" (Really?), and has overseen countless "free and fair elections," despite his coup-monger past (Has he never heard of the Tascon list? Or Henrique Capriles Radonski?) Oh, and of course the United States "engineered the coup" and "kidnapped" Chavez in 2002.

Watch the whole nutty rant below:

UPDATE: Video won't embed. You can view it here.