Continuing my octennial tradition, I spent part of Election Night at the Ralph Nader party inside the National Press Club before taking a post-victory stroll around the White House. At Nader HQ, I had a very pleasant conversation with a Hit & Run-reading Nader-backer about Milton Friedman's ideas on the negative income tax.

The front of the White House, like indeed much of Washington D.C. right now, is a very big, very joyous young-people party. It's like Del Playa on a Friday, only starring every model who ever appeared in a Benetton ad. I saw two different two-man brass bands perform enthusiastically received versions of "When the Saints Go Marching In," which is a statement either about Hurricane Katrina, or about the limited repetoire of happy white dudes with trombones.

Unlike in 2000, the crowd outside was much more celebratory, much less shouting angry taunts in the direction of the presidential bedroom, for whatever little that's worth. It's a bit startling to have people roll down their windows and yell "O-ba-ma!" at you, but they seemed pleasant enough. Not for the first time, I wonder what it must feel like to vote for the winning team.

NEXT: A Few Down-Ballot Races

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  1. It’s weird to me to see a street in my hometown referred to in a national publication like everyone should know it. Next you’re going to be saying that the RNC is kind of like the Goleta Lemon festival, only with the coverbands playing country rather than 70’s covers.

  2. jorgen — It was before my time, regrettably, but Reason was based in Santa Barbara for more than a decade. Even had an office on State Street!

  3. As a student currently living on the ocean side of Del Playa and a regular reader of Reason, you’ve officially made my day. I know this year’s Halloween street orgy has passed, but you guys are free to crash at my ridiculously overpriced pad anytime you like. Drinks and luke warm communications majors next door on me!

    PS: come back please?

  4. Cool. I’m a current UCSB student. I actually went down to Del Playa for Halloween this weekend. My roommates told me that it’s where UCSB gets it’s party school appplication, and I can attest to that. There were close to 45,000 people on that street. I went to a Dodger game this year that was packed (it was against the Angels), and even then I didn’t have to force my way through like I did this weekend.

  5. Christ almighty, *three* Reason readers living in I.V.? Reading Hit & Run on election night? That might just require a visit in a couple of weeks….

  6. Actually, I don’t live in I.V., I live in one of the new apartments right across from it though.

  7. Yeah, I braved Del Playa as well but I could only handle a block. Good story to tell my future offspring I suppose.

    If Reason ever does anything in the Santa Barbara area in the future, I’m there. Maybe a seminar at UCSB sometime down the road? 🙂

  8. “Unlike in 2000 . . . much less shouting angry taunts in the direction of the presidential bedroom

    All goes to show that conservatives are much more gracious losers than liberals. The country should be seriously worried about our future. Not Obama, but his hate-powered followers.

  9. his hate-powered followers

    That’s gracious.

  10. a post-victory stroll

    Shouldn’t that be a post-election stroll?Unless you were supporting Obama all along?

  11. “Unlike in 2000, the crowd outside was much more celebratory, much less shouting angry taunts in the direction of the presidential bedroom, for whatever little that’s worth.”

    What are you implying that the party of Temperance and Tolerance was not acting in the most gracious of ways? Did they not extend the tolerance which they seek to those they would seek it from? Shocker!

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