Ron Paul at Four Percent and Holding…


Fifty votes have been counted so far in Election 2008, and Ron Paul won two of them.

Democrat Obama defeated Republican John McCain by a count of 15 to 6 in Dixville Notch, where a loud whoop accompanied the announcement in Tuesday's first minutes. The town of Hart's Location reported 17 votes for Obama, 10 for McCain and two for write-in Ron Paul.

This is bad news for McCain and slightly less bad news for Bob Barr, if only because the man from Georgia doesn't  actually expect to win today. He wants, as he said when he declined to appear at Ron Paul's multi-party endorsementpalooza, to maximize the Libertarian Party's vote totals. Barr communications director Shane Cory told me yesterday that he expects to crack one milion votes. But here's the first anecdote of Paul voters who found no solace in any other candidate. It's a step down from 1992, when LP nominee Andre Marrou won five early votes in Dixville Notch, but it's no change from the past three elections.

Again, though: Worse news for John McCain. No Democrat's won Dixville Notch since 1968. The ray of hope is that the Democrat in question lost to Richard Nixon. In the primary Dixville Notch split 10-7 between Democratic and Republican primary ballots, but Nate Silver can explain why none of this matters.

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  1. I already voted this morning, but I wrote in Ross Perot

  2. polls in my ward in NJ had lines, and had already recorded more votes by 7:30 than they usually do all day.

  3. RP is on my ballot with the Taxpayer Party. I’m voting for him, although I probably would have supported any candidate from the Taxpayer Party now that the GOP has divorced me.

  4. They’re still running political ads! McCain is still campaigning! When will it end?

    And why do kids get election day off nowadays?

  5. I already am on the way to Vote for RP myself. I think he should do quite well.

  6. We vote at our schools here. It’s probably best not to expose kids to so many Obama dumbasses.

  7. I voted for Chuck Baldwin, not because I wish to live in a theocracy, but as a protest vote against Twiddledum and Twiddledummer.

  8. Once again the libertarian voted is divided between the ironic, the crazy, the LP and Randian (almost known at the batshit insane).

    How many ways can you split 1%?

  9. “And why do kids get election day off nowadays?”

    Teacher have to get out and support the candidate that the Teacher’s Union claims will provide the most benefits for teachers at the expense of everyone else.

  10. My State Senate election had a Democrat running unopposed, so I wrote in Ron Paul.

  11. A lot of schools are used as polling places, I think that’s why schools are not in session. You don’t want a sex offender to be able to sneak into a classroom and kidnap a child right after voting for Barr, do you?

  12. argh,

    just discovered 2 problems with my ballot (I decided to look up a voter guide before I went):

    1. Cynthia McKinney isnt on the ballot for President. Im voting Barr but I was interested to see how many dumbasses voted for her.

    2. More importantly, there arent any 3rd party choices in my Senate race. I refuse to vote for anyone who voted for the bailout (McConnell) or anyone who directly cost me a bunch of money (Lunsford – Vencor stock).

    After looking down the rest of the ballot, Im seriously considering my idea from the other day and just taking my ballot directly from the sign in to the scanner without going to the booths and marking anything.

    However, I want to vote against the husband/wife tag team for my city commission. I know nothing about them other than they are sharing yard signs and it seems like too much power for one household to have 2 commission members.

  13. Barr.

  14. I’m still undecided. I can’t decide whether to write in Wooster/Jeeves or Cthulhu. Who would I write in for VP if I voted for Ctulhu?

  15. Voted for Barr.

    In a local race, for Superintendent of Public Instruction, I wrote in “School Vouchers.”

    (Moose thought that was cute, so I decided to share that one.)

  16. sage,

    That’s great.

  17. Dormouse, my Lovecraft mythos is a little rusty, but I believe Yog-Soggoth would be appropriate.

  18. Any chance that Bob Barr had of receiving a vote from me went out the window when he stood up Ron Paul’s press conference. By that action he clearly demonstrated he wasn’t a libertarian. He committed to being there (days in advance), but secretly made plans to do otherwise. He didn’t advise Paul until an hour before the show that he was withdrawing, and he then held his own conference. That is as clear an example of fraud as I can think of. He represented himself as making a contract to do one thing, while he was planning to do (and did) another. I predict that Bob Barr will get the lowest libertarian vote in recent memory (if ever).

  19. I don’t think Cthulhu even needs a VP, seeing as how that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

  20. A lot of schools are used as polling places, I think that’s why schools are not in session. You don’t want a sex offender to be able to sneak into a classroom and kidnap a child right after voting for Barr, do you?

    Our school does not have the day off, but is used as a polling place…my son is staying home today because we dont know who will be walking in and out of school, and I am not comfortable with that.

  21. Seth, I don’t think you know what the words libertarian, fraud, contract, and possibly “the” actually mean.

  22. Uh, my answer to the school question was supposed to be a joke. Life imitates humor again.

  23. If I wasn’t morally opposed to voting and I actually did go to the polling place, I would write in Charlie Kelly.

    “Hello, fellow American. This you should vote me. I leave power good. Thank you, thank you. If you vote me, I’m hot. Taxes, they’ll be lower…soon. The democratic vote for me is right thing to do, Philadelphia, so do.”

  24. Remember to check the Bailout Vote Map before you vote today in a senatorial or congressional race. Any incumbent–no matter their party–who voted for the Bailout should be voted out. Vote ‘no’ on those who voted ‘yes.’

    The Bailout Vote Map can be found at:

  25. The only thing this election means to me is what direction the LP takes after this. The reformers diluted the brand and failed to produce results. I’m going to do my part to move them back to the sidelines.

  26. I’m about to leave to vote for Ron Paul myself. Lets hope a miracle happens!

  27. Damn. Yog-Sothoth.

  28. Warren – you’ve never set a standard for “results” and the votes haven’t been counted yet!

  29. “I don’t think Cthulhu even needs a VP, seeing as how that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.”

    Under the U.S. Constitution, the Vice President steps in, not only in the event of the death of the President, but in the event of his resignation, removal from office or of inability to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

    We’ve already had a President who resigned, and the VP had to step up to the plate. What if Cthulhu resigned for some reason?

    What if he got removed from office (not that this would actually happen – Congress doesn’t seem to have the balls to impeach and convict rogue Presidents, and anyway, they would all be eaten before they could finish the impeachment process).

    Or what if Cthulhu goes back to sleep again – prior to falling asleep, he should delegate the powers of his office to the VP, pursuant to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

    Therefore, Cthulu-Nyarlathotep 08!

  30. I really don’t understand voting for Ron Paul. I swear sometimes I think his cult following is worse than Obama. I mean when the guy tells you “Please vote 3rd part not for me” then you go and vote for him anyways….it just doesn’t makes since. I mean I guess some of the complaints against Barr are legitimate ones, although as has been pointed out here before he can’t win so it is more of a protest vote/advance the party than an actual vote for Barr.

  31. I just got word that Nyarlathotep declined the VP nomination because the U.S. economy is way more chaotic than he can handle.

  32. I will say that the internecine warfare within the LP will be interesting to watch over the next few years. As a single-gendered, non-neopagan (or any other kind of pagan), non-drug-using Libertarian, if the radicals nominate one of their own in 2012 I’d love to return the favor and sit on my hands, not volunteer for ballot access drives, and badmouth the LP candidate in the months running up to the election.

  33. cunnivore,

    You don’t have to be or do any of those things to support people’s right to live their life the way they please.

  34. Who the heck is this Ron Paul character I keep hearing about today????

    Jess Wilder

  35. Dormouse, Warren and his ilk seem to think so.

    Why else would they question whether Barr is a REAL libertarian?

  36. I have a purple dildo shaped like Obama up my ass right now!

  37. The Libertarians and Barr missed a HUGE opportunity to move the party forward. a ticket with Dr. P or an endorsment from would INHO have gotten the Libertarian vote to 10-15 % Nationally. I will vote Barr. Lucky my reps voted against bailout. but just vote. vote lib, vote ind vote dr. paul, but vote or IMHO you have no right to complain later.

  38. cunnivore,

    So was that you badmouthing Baknarik 4 years ago? Cause many somebodies were?

    I voted for Badnarik. Im voting for Barr. I voted for Browne twice. Whichever B the LP runs in 4 years I will (most likely) vote for.

    Why not be bigger than the people you dont like?

  39. PaulR,

    Why would abstaining from a political system that is a) rigged to limit potential choices to two, and b) set up to give citizens such little voice that it doesn’t make rational sense to participate, cause one to lose their right to complain?

    Our political system has been mutated to the point of silliness, mostly by people who push things like ‘democracy’ and ‘voting’ over ‘natural law’ and ‘individual rights.’ The system set up by the Anti-Federalists made sense, and back then you didn’t give a fuck who became President of the United States, In Congress Assembled, because it had no bearing on your daily life. Politics happened on the sovereign state level and at the town hall, where each citizen’s role mattered enough to justify the time invested in being informed and participating.

    Don’t tell me to vote, boy. And I won’t stop bitchin’, neither.

  40. I voted for Badnarik in 2004. Before that I was too young to vote. You’re right, I shouldn’t be vindictive about this, but the rads doing everything they can to derail the Barr campaign and then blaming the struggles of said campaign on the reformers is truly getting on my nerves.

  41. I wrote in Ron Paul yesterday. I understand that he is not an official write in for the State of Indiana but I don’t give a rats azz. I’m voting for the man that I believe would have been best for the job. The two main candidates are traitors who voted for the bankster bailout.

    Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

  42. Cunn,

    I really think Barr did this to himself. There were plenty of us radicals who were willing to give him a chance. In Florida we actually get plenty of juicy choices for President, including all the main third party folks and several lesser third parties. I voted Charles Jay of the Boston Tea Party. The BTP has an awesome minimalist platform that the LP would be wise to attempt to co-opt moving forward.

  43. I had to get past my distaste for Barr/Root to vote for them. Ultimately, I thought it was important to add one more tic for the Libertarians rather than make a pointless stand that would be invisible to everyone.

    Kubby as VP would have really been a much, much better choice – it wouldn’t have divided the radicals & reformers nearly as much, and it would have made for a great narrative about how a congressman who once voted against medical marijuana was now on a ticket with perhaps its most outspoken advocate.

  44. I couldn’t vote for Barr. I don’t trust him. He voted FOR the Patriot Act.

  45. If Kubby (or Ruwart for that matter) had thrown their support to Barr after it was clear neither had the delegates to win, they could have been the VP nom. But they refused, and it was Root who cut a deal with Barr to put him over the top.

    That’s politics. If those two aren’t willing to play politics, what the hell are they doing running for office?

  46. Bob Barr’s vote for the Patriot Act — which ensured that there would be a sunset after five years — was more helpful to the cause of liberty than Ron Paul’s vote against, which had no effect.

  47. FDAS, how did Barr do this to himself? What did he do, or fail to do, that caused him to miss the chance that the radicals were allegedly giving him?

  48. Given the way the vote was going, I don’t think Barr needed the deal with Root to win.

  49. Barr “did it to himself” because the debate club/masochistic portion of the LP refused to ever research the man or give him a chance.

    Those idiots remind me of Christine Smith; ill-willed little harpies.

    I voted and pushed for Badnarik in 2004, but the Holy Monks of Libertarianism refused to extend our candidate the same courtesy. Fuckers.

  50. Any incumbent–no matter their party–who voted for the Bailout should be voted out.

    Too bad my incumbent Critter got nabbed for drunk driving on his way to his secret mistress and love child, or I would richly enjoy taking this advice.

  51. *shocked gasp* TAO, hand in your decoder ring!

  52. Let’s just add up all the votes for Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin and claim that is the true size of the very limited government, non-interventionist, free market vote. And then let’s see what we can do to avoid splitting it three or more ways the next time we need to punish some #$@&*s in Washington.

  53. Nader.

    However, I’m not as libertarian as most here (I’m more of a principled federalist than anything). I read Hit & Run for a libertarian perspective I don’t get anywhere else. And the jokes/snark. You guys are hilarious here.

  54. creech, multiply the Constitution Party’s votes by .3 to remove the theocrats, and add in the Boston Tea Party.

  55. I decided to write-in Ron Paul today. Good luck, everyone.

  56. i hate that here in Nevada I cannot write in Ron Paul… i’d love to really be able to make my voice heard… instead i am still deciding to vote ‘none of the above’ b/c ron paul isn’t on the ballot or chuck baldwin b/c r.p. endorsed him.

  57. I was going to vote for Barr but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
    I wrote in Ron Paul.
    I’m from Pennsylvania & don’t know if it will count or not.

    I had to vote my conscience.

  58. I voted for Barr. I mailed it in a day *before* Ron Paul got approved as a write-in in California. Aaargh.

  59. Considering that, in league with that little ratface from TNR, did all they could to torpedo Dr. Paul’s campaign, I’d just like to say thanks.

  60. I am skipping voting in favor of getting high and watching TV. Figured it was more constructive.

  61. Wrote in Ron Paul in Missourah. Probably won’t count, but fuck it.

  62. I wrote in “Chuck Baldwin” in Evansville, Indiana.

    If this election is about punishment of political parties here’s the best case scenario:

    I’m in Indiana where it will be close between the two major party candidates most likely.

    The Ron Paul movement was pretty significant here, and our activity has not let up. We’ve staged bailout protests and confronted our congressman, we’ve been on TV and in print numerous times promoting Liberty.

    The best thing that can happen is that McCain loses Indiana by the same or less margain than the Bob Barr/Chuck Baldwin votes and that Bob Barr gets a minimal amount of those votes.

    This would send a message to the Republican Party that they’d better start taking us seriously, or it will hurt this bad for a long time to come, and the Libertarian Party will find out that they squandered a golden opportunity to capitalize on the movement Ron Paul created by nominating a “former” neo-con in Bob Barr. Few of us trust him, and the Libertarian Party needs to know we will not reward those who sacrifice principle for sheer numbers.

  63. I don’t think Cthulhu even needs a VP, seeing as how that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

    There’s something to a president who does little except snatch up and devour chase away people who knock on his door…

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