Poll Closings at 9 p.m.: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming


When Arizona is declared "too close to call," you have permission to laugh.

At 9:05, Barr campaign manager takes the stage at the Barr party to start thanking staff. Wayne Allyn Root is here, talking with Shane Cory. (Wayne had bet on McCain winning the election.) Everyone's attention is occupied when Georgia is called for McCain, with Barr scoring only 1 percent of the vote at that moment.

I talked to John Monds, the LP candidate for Public Services Commissioner who's aiming for the biggest LP vote total in Georgia history. He's on track–he's won a precinct! And he's up around 25 percent of the vote.

NEXT: Diebold, Die!

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  1. Living in Arizona, I honestly don’t know how McCain retains his senate seat here; no one I know likes him. Relocated Arizonans and native, Democrat or Republican or libertarian or non-voting. I can only assume that he has the whole incumbency thing going for him (or a bunch of old farts that see him as one of their own).

  2. LP update, from what I can gather.

    Mike Munger is at 4% for NC Gov, which is great since they were shooting for a 2% qualification.

    Alan Buckley is at 5% for Senate in Georgia- 10% in the under-30 demographic. Great vote total, but not enough to force a runoff election like some were hoping.

    Barr isn’t above 1% anywhere. Even in his old district he’s barely scraping 1.5% according to county breakdowns.

    Any other LP races to watch?

  3. Ron Paul Louisiana results are here:


    He’s at 0.49% in the very early going, but leading all third-party candidates.

  4. It’ll be more interesting to see how Paul does in Montana.

  5. Fox is calling New Mexico as flipped to Obama.

    First state to be called for a different party then last year.


  6. Ah, that’s good. The LPIN is one of the stronger state affiliates, iirc.

    Still, I hate to say I expect Barr to lose to Nader, and beat Ed Clark’s vote total but not percentage.

  7. When they call percentages, is it the percentage of the total or percentage of the Republicrat vote? In other words, are third parties combined really totaling less than 1%?

  8. some dude-

    I’ve never heard of them using anything other than percentage of the total vote. I can’t imagine they’d ever do otherwise.

  9. Question 1 in MA seems to have passed. No more income tax (starting 2010). Woohoo!

  10. And to top it off, Fox is calling Ohio for Obama… I think it’s now safe for me to drink heavily and shoot super mutants in the head.


  11. Ohio just went to Ohio.

  12. d’oh. went to Obama, rather.

  13. Neph:

    No shit. Those fuckers have been tearing my shit up recently. Can’t even tag ’em with 3 .44’s to the forehead.

  14. I guess technically it is still too early to call the whole election but McCain needs a bloody miracle at this point without Ohio.

  15. The popular vote is pretty close with 16% reported (according to CNN)…50-49% Obama. Suspect that will change much?

  16. Not even a miracle. Obama only needs California plus any two other uncalled states to win at this point. It’s over.

  17. “Question 1 in MA seems to have passed. No more income tax (starting 2010). Woohoo!”

    What are you talking about?

  18. Ali,

    The fucking welfare queens suceeded in scaring voters into keeping the coin flowing.

    Remember, without money extracted at gunpoint, society collapses! 🙂

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