Barack Obama

Obama Takes Pennsylvania; All Over But the Screaming, Shouting, Gnashing of Teeth…


…and possible passage of a single-payer healthcare plan early next year…

More on the Obama win in The Keystone State via Reuters.

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  1. Oh Noes! Single-payer healthcare plan?!?!?

    Is the best Reason can worry about something like that, when an Obama win would threatens things more fundamental?

    You know, like that whole FirstAmendment thing that libertarians pretend to care about?

    But, at least the book sales were great, I’m sure.

  2. REASON stopped worrying about petty things like the Constitution when they sold their soul to BHO this year.

  3. LoneWacko is gnashing.

    Just a little favor: if you are going to rend garments, do it somewhere out of sight. Nobody wants to see your shit.

  4. Lonewacko, I hate to break it to you, but NobodyElse cares about the FirstAmendment, IllegalImmigrants, or the plague of KeyboardsWithBrokenSpaceBars that is plaguing this great nation.

  5. And those are reasons to vote FOR mccain? I don’t think so, try again later. Of course if there reasons you voted for Bob Barr instead, sure.

  6. Heyitsavestime!

  7. Mike Munger is at 4% in NC. That’s great. I believe they were shooting at 2% for some qualification purpose.

    Alan Buckley, unfortunately, failed to either force a runoff or cost Chambliss his Senate seat.

    Too early to really say much about Barr other than it won’t be very impressive.

  8. Barr’s barely scraping 1.5% in the counties of his old district. He’s not above 1% in any state.

  9. Yeah, because you vote for McCain if the First Amendment is important to you. Give me a fucking break LW, you’re smarter than that.

  10. He’s not above 1% in any state.

    I’m looking at the AP results via the C-SPAN site. Indiana, of all places, is 1.1% Barr wit 61% of the precincts reporting.

  11. with 61%…

  12. “…and possible passage of a single-payer healthcare plan early next year…”

    Oh crap! Now you tell us.

  13. LoneWhackJob,
    The only thing I have to give you is props on your consistency. Of course, I am still not clicking through to your site, spacebars or not.

  14. Give me a fucking break LW, you’re smarter than that.

    No, he isn’t.

  15. Now they ALL get amnesty, Wacko!

    The aunt, the brother, all of ’em. I hope it’s dozens.

    They’re all going to move in next to you.

    With goats.

    California bubbly time!

  16. OLS has a point – if Obama wins we’ll have more laws that threaten the FirstAmendment, like that Obama-Feingold campaign finance law…

  17. It’s not surprising in the least that some of the idiots above don’t realize the context in which either McCain or BHO would serve. With the former, he’d have plenty of opposition to anything he wanted to do. With the latter, he’ll have very little opposition. Figuring things like that out is too much for the wee minds the write for and support Reason. No, really: they can’t figure that out.

  18. Apparently, on Planet Lonewacko, Reason never writes about the virtues of divided government. We Reasoners who believe Obama is the lesser evil not only have never engaged the argument: Our minds are so puny, it’s never even occurred to us!

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