Kind of a Comforting Thought on Election Night…


The "In the News" listing on Google News' homepage reads thus at 8.44 P.M. ET:

In The News
 Antonio McDyess
 Tony Fadell
 Denver Nuggets
 Steve Fossett
 Jennifer Hudson
 Keanu Reeves
 Ben Roethlisberger
 Guitar Hero
 Phillip Fulmer
 Derek Anderson

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  1. IMHO, Derek Anderson should not be benched by Romeo. Then again, my job is not on the line.

  2. Man, why can’t you guys be on television? I fucking hate having to sit through breathless melodrama just to get the numbers.

  3. Denver Nuggets and Antonio McDyess are about the Pistons getting Alan Iverson in a trade with the Nuggets. They sent MyDyess, Billips and a nobody over for AI. The NBA East just got a lot more interesting.

  4. Maybe there’s hope for us yet. It’s our indifference that makes us strong.

  5. Motherfuck fucking Derek fucking Anderson. I’ve seen enough of that braindead giraffe-looking shitass for the rest of my life. DURRRRR GAME ON THE LINE DURRRR I’LL THROW IT TO TERRELL SUGGS DURRRRR

    Bring on the sexy golden boy! 11-5 WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!!

    God, I hate my team.

  6. For what its worth, Guitar Hero probably has a bigger and longer-lasting cultural influence than McCain.

  7. Brady Quinn is not on the list. Brad Quinn endorsed McCain.


  8. And the Lions are the only winless team in the NFL. Halfway to infamy.

  9. When I checked Google news, Brady Quinn was, in fact, on the list. Google is using its confusion-rays on us.

    For what it’s worth, Joe Thomas’s endorsement of McCain counts for much more, as far as I’m concerned.

  10. Warty-

    Given what he did over an entire season a year ago, I just woudln’t give up on him, just yet. I have to admit that he was terrible on Sunday.

  11. Warty-

    Brian Sipe is not walking through the locker room doors.

  12. Keanu Reeves? Does he even have a movie coming out? These lists are always so weird, I get the Nuggets stuff (although you’d think Pistons and AI would show up) but wtf.

    Haha, I just watched Brit Hume tell Rove that Obama won Ohio. I can’t tell if Hume is disappointed or if he’s just that unenergetic all the time.

  13. Keanu was just sued by a pap and won.

    Brit Hume is always somber.

  14. Well, I think Quinn’s endorsement was more important as it probably lost McCain some of the anti-gay vote.

  15. libertymike-

    I wasn’t too impressed with him last year, either. As soon as defenses learned to defend the throw-it-really-high-and-let-Braylon-Edwards-make-a-spectacular-catch pass, it was all downhill. It doesn’t help that Edwards forgot how to catch and Kellen Swollenballs decided he wants out of town, either, but DA has had more than enough time to show that he can win.

    Funny that you bring up Brian Sipe, a small, mobile, weak-armed, smart quarterback who played above his physical abilities. The exact opposite of DA.

    Brady Quinn may suck donkey balls, but it’s best to find out now. Besides, it’s about time that he ruined all the panties in NE Ohio with his chiseled jaw and rugged good looks.

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