30 Years Ago in Reason


"Instead of paying the police to chase after prostitutes, investigate bingo
games for gambling offenses, and bust marijuana parties, many people might prefer to pay guards to protect their homes and streets….Tax substitution could compel the police to be more responsive to their true purpose-the protection of lives and property from violence and theft."

-Fred E. Foldvary, "Public to Private"

"In [inventor Dale] Smith's view…fuzzbusters legitimately protect people from the misuse of radar. Moreover, citizens have a right to know when they are under surveillance, and in this Smith sees no difference between wire tapping and radar."

-John R. Lott, "Radar Watchdog"

"A three-city survey conducted for the Justice Department found that 49 percent believed that their government-funded public defenders were 'on the side of the State.' But only 6 percent felt that way about private lawyers."

-"Milestones "