The Friday Political Thread: Spooky Scary Edition


The Week in Brief
– Barack Obama went all Ross Perot on you.
– Bob Barr met Ralph Nader in rhetorical combat.
– Michael the Blogger got his 15 minutes.
– Reasonoids declared their votes.

As of right now, gives Obama a 364-171 lead with North Dakota a tie, and gives Obama a 311-142 lead.

Below the Fold
– Robert Stacy McCain predicts the pundit spin.
– Michael Brendan Dougherty gets sexy.
– A Daily Kos diarist warns against Dem optimism, citing… Daily Kos diaries from four years back.
– Jim Geraghty analyzes the early vote. (He's done a lot of this, so keep on scrolling.)

As we get ready to choose our leader, here's a song about a terrifying monarch.